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Parents Slam WaPo Editor on Women’s ‘Right’ to Down Syndrome Abortion

By Katie Yoder In reaction to media support for abortion based on Down syndrome, parents are speaking up about the beauty of their children with Down syndrome. On Friday, The Washington Post published an opinion piece with the

No, Ruth Marcus, we don’t need to be able to get rid of people with Down syndrome

By Right to Life of Michigan Have you ever met someone with a genetic disease? Chances are you have. There is also a chance that you have met someone who has a disease, but you have no

Pa. Pro-lifers rally on behalf of HB 2050 and SB 1050

Would ban the abortion of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Disability rights activist Karen Gaffney has swum the English Channel, holds an honorary doctorate, and is a nationally acclaimed

WaPo columnist matter-of-factly announces she’d have aborted her kids had they been diagnosed with Down syndrome

By Dave Andrusko When you’re brazenly defending the kind of abortions that makes most people (at a minimum) squirm, if not turn away, one option is to coat your advocacy with a layer or two of “oh

Dignity matters. Love matters.

Sen. Ben Sasse

Editor’s note. The following appeared on the Facebook page of Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) It was written in response to an op-ed in the Washington Post defended Down syndrome selective abortions. For the past couple weeks, and especially

Legislation to save unborn babies with Down syndrome meeting a more responsive chord

By Dave Andrusko The headline in today’s Washington Post, “Babies with Down syndrome are put on center stage in the U.S. abortion fight” is a reminder of the power of dedicated parents, pro-life activists, and social media

Dispelling the Myths About Down Syndrome

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation With spring just around the corner, many thoughts turn to sweet sunlit days, relaxing nights at the ballpark, and that teenage rite of passage, the prom. I thought it

The Down Syndrome Holocaust

In Iceland, my son would have been killed. By Ken Falkenstein This is my son Josh. In Iceland, he would have been killed. Josh has Down syndrome. He was born with one extra chromosome. As a result,

Rally planned in support of Pennsylvania’s House Bill 2050

Would ban abortions because baby has Down syndrome By Maria Gallagher, legislative director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Families of children with disabilities from throughout Pennsylvania will be gathering in March for a rally designed to stop the abortion

Meet Margaret Black, a mom on a mission to save babies with Down syndrome

By Cassy Fiano Margaret Black didn’t know her son, Sebastian, had Down syndrome until after he was born. “He had trouble breathing, so the NICU intervened and suggested testing because he had characteristics of Down syndrome,” she

A New Gerber Baby

An Image Bearer with Down Syndrome By John Stonestreet & Stan Guthrie An adorable boy with Down syndrome was selected as this year’s Gerber baby. That’s great news. But remember, he’s not valuable because he’s cute! Starting

Why the 2018 “Gerber Baby” Choice is so important

By Wesley J. Smith Each year, Gerber, the baby food manufacturer, holds a “cute baby” photo contest, the winner of which receives a $50,000 cash prize and may appear as a “spokesbaby” to advertise the company’s products.