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The body of an abandoned 20-week-old unborn baby found in Brooklyn

By Dave Andrusko As of this morning, police are still searching for evidence to help them find the mother of a 20-week-old unborn baby whose body was found Monday morning near George Gershwin Junior High in Brooklyn,

Authorities cannot charge man who murdered pregnant girlfriend for her baby’s death, thanks to Andrew Cuomo’s new abortion law

By Dave Andrusko The inviolate rule among pro-abortionists is to deny up and down what their proposals clearly allow and then hide hoping things will all blow over when the truth comes out. New York’s recently passed

Big Abortion and the Infantilization of Women

By Katie Franklin Last Friday, the Democratic Party’s abortion radicalism finally spilled over into an act of vandalism at a pro-life pregnancy help center in northern Virginia. There, on the center’s signage, red spray paint told the

Teenager pleads not guilty to murder and feticide in slaying of 17-year-old Indiana cheerleader and her sixth-month-old unborn baby

By Dave Andrusko Arraigned by via video conference Tuesday in St. Joseph County Superior Court in South Bend, Aaron Trejo pleaded not guilty to one count each of murder and feticide in the deaths of Breana Rouhselang

Woman and her unborn baby survive attack intended to cause a miscarriage

26 weeks pregnant, woman and baby are “both fine” By Dave Andrusko On Sunday police in Northumberland, New York, arrested 39- year-old Stephen J. Miller, charging the man “with second-degree abortion, a felony, and misdemeanor reckless endangerment

Man who murdered his pregnant wife and two young girls sentenced to three life sentences without chance of parole

By Dave Andrusko Earlier this month NRL News Today reported that prosecutors in Frederick, Colorado, allowed Christopher Watt, who had brutally murdered Shanann, his pregnant wife, and their two young daughters, to avoid the death penalty by agreeing

German nurse confesses to 100 murders; could be many more

By Michael Cook As we reported a year ago, a nursing home nurse in Germany has confessed to killing at least 100 patients. Although he is already serving a life sentence for two murders, Niels Högel appeared

Queensland, Australia, man first to be imprisoned for counseling suicide

By HOPE of Australia “However, one can imagine many circumstances arising where people in positions of trust and responsibility could succumb to the temptation to counsel suicide for personal gain.” These confronting words were spoken last week

Man Who Killed Pregnant Wife and Two Little Girls Avoids Death Penalty

However Colorado does not recognize unlawful killing of unborn child as a form of homicide By Dave Andrusko Prosecutors in Frederick, Colorado, allowed Christopher Watt, who had murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters, to avoid

When You Hear About ‘Choice,’ remember Cherica Adams and her son, Chancellor Lee

By Dave Andrusko Over the years we have written a series of stories about Rae Carruth, the despicable one-time wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, who in 1999, arraigned to lure his pregnant girlfriend out into a

Man who slipped abortifacient into girlfriend’s drink is sentenced to 22 years

By Dave Andrusko It is an extremely encouraging trend that judges are meting out serious sentences to men who slip abortifacients into their girlfriends’ drinks in an attempt to abort a child they do not want. As

Pro-abortion thug faces battery of charges for unprovoked attack on Life Chain woman

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today readers will recall the name Jordan Hunt. He was the tough guy who roundhouse-kicked an unsuspecting woman at a Life Chain rally in Toronto. Hunt, a hair dresser, faces nine counts