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Controversy dogs ‘assisted dying’ poll of UK doctors

Allegations that the Royal College of Physicians has been hijacked By Michael Cook A controversial poll by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), in the UK, is expected to result in a change in its position on

First Anti-life bill introduced in Nevada Legislature

Physician Assisted Suicide returns On February 14, Senator David Parks of Las Vegas once again introduced a Physician Assisted Suicide bill in the Nevada Legislature. SB165 is a variation on previous bills, click here to read the

Can doctors be ‘neutral’ about assisted suicide and euthanasia?

A leading medical association in the UK is polling its members about a change in policy By Margaret Somerville Supporters of assisted suicide and euthanasia in the United Kingdom are a tenacious lot. Although they have been

Swiss Suicide Clinics Ramp Up the Deaths

By Wesley J. Smith Switzerland’s suicide clinics continue to thrive. Exit, the largest of these, reported 1204 assisted suicides in 2018. That’s a 23 percent increase from 2017. Dignitas, another major assisted suicide clinic — to which

Assisted dying is an ethical minefield and not just a matter of personal choice

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Charles Moore wrote an excellent article published in[the British publication] the Telegraph on February 9. Moore begins by responding to the story of Geoffrey Whaley (80) who died

Disabled people like me fear legal assisted suicide suggests that some lives are less worth living

Disabled people look to doctors to help us live, not to help us die. By Baroness Jane Campbell, a founding member of the disability rights group, Not Dead Yet UK. Many terminally ill and disabled people oppose

Massachusetts high court upholds involuntary manslaughter conviction of woman who assisted the suicide of boyfriend

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Massachusetts High Court has upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Michelle Carter for assisting the suicide of Conrad Roy, who was 18 at the time of his

Assisted Suicide Turned Homicide?

By John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera Officially, the Netherlands is a safer country to live in than the United States. Its gun homicide rate is about 4 percent that of the United States, and its official murder

Doctors cannot be neutral on assisted dying, British physician says.

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Royal College of Physicians, in the UK, has set-up a sham vote to force assisted suicide neutrality upon its membership. Time after time, British physicians have voted

A Scourge of Death Doctors

By Wesley J. Smith Assisted suicide sure brings out the medical bottom feeders. Jack Kevorkian was the most notorious of these — let’s call them “death doctors” — assisting the suicides of some 130 people during the

New Mexico’s radical assisted suicide bill is part of the new suicide lobby strategy.

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition New Mexico’s assisted suicide Bill HB 90, is the most extreme assisted suicide bill I have ever seen. After reading HB 90 I asked the question: Is the

Assisted suicide promotes the idea that life with a disabling condition is not worth living.

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A letter by Elizabeth Schiltz that was published in the [Minneapolis] Star Tribune on January 23 under the headline “Simply put, assisted suicide sends a message we shouldn’t