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No one boasts of being an abortionist

By Sarah Terzo From an article in The Independent about a shortage of abortion providers in England: “Distaste at performing terminations combined with ethical and religious convictions has led to a big increase in “conscientious objectors” who

New York Times Refused To Promote Gosnell Movie, Then Lied About It

By Gabriel Hays According to a press release from the producers of Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, the New York Times has contributed to the recent media blackout of the successful independent film about

Abortionist Willie Parker describes placing fetal body parts “into a fine mesh strainer”

By Sarah Terzo Abortionist Willie Parker describes seeing the body parts of the babies he aborts. He describes how he does a first trimester abortion: … I insert a straw, called a cannula… and attach that to

Huff Post gives late-term abortionist Willie Parker another forum to play the victim

By Dave Andrusko It’s no exaggeration in the slightest to observe that itinerant late-term abortionist Willie Parker is a publicity hound. Not that he needs a lot of encouragement. He checks off almost all the boxes for

A day in the life of an itinerant abortionist

By Dave Andrusko What requirements might there be to qualify (so to speak) as an itinerant abortionist, like, say Willie Parker? First and foremost, the capacity to abort women with a speed that puts an assembly line

United Nation’s Human Rights Council asked to protect abortionists

A coalition of over 200 pro-abortion Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) asked the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva to take further action through all formal means to “condemn attacks on abortion rights defenders and to urgently address

Appeals Court upholds decision revoking notorious late-term abortionist’s New Jersey Medical License

By Dave Andrusko Of all the abortionists we’ve written about over the decades, none has been more penalized than Steven Brigham and yet he continues to practice and/or own abortion clinics in several states. One of the

Abortionist comments on lack of abortionists

By Sarah Terzo In an obituary of abortionist Jane Hodgson it says: “At the age of 76, Hodgson continued to perform abortions, traveling 150 miles from her home, which was then in St. Paul, Minn., to Duluth,

An itinerant abortionist makes a ‘Good Samaritan’ argument for abortion

By Paul Stark Willie Parker is a well-known and prolific practitioner of abortion, including late-term abortion. He performs abortions in places (the South) where they aren’t always easily accessible. He says he left a comfortable job to

Guam’s last abortionist retires and no one will take his place

By Claire Chretien GUAM, July 9, 2018 – The U.S. territory of Guam is abortion-free thanks to the retirement of its only abortionist last month. Dr. William Freeman had been the only doctor aborting babies in Guam

Lisa Harris: Abortion Provider

Editor’s note. This first appeared at Secular Pro-Life and is reposted with permission. The Weekly Standard [in 2010] describes former abortion providers who have converted to the pro-life cause. I found this passage particularly compelling: “In 2008, however,

British abortionist is ‘elated’ about her job which “taught me a lot about life”

By Sarah Terzo The British publication The Guardian published an article entitled, “Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life.” In the article, a British abortionist explained how happy she is to be doing abortions.