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The Abortion Goal is Clear: abortion throughout pregnancy…and beyond

By Carol Tobias, NRLC President Editor’s note. The column appeared on page three of the current monthly digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share the contents of the entire 40-page issue with your pro-life

PolitiFact Rules Vermont Bishop Is Legally ‘True,’ But Still ‘Mostly False’ on Abortion

By Tim Graham Our News Analysis Division has given this fact checker a rating of: Deeply Distorted One way the “independent fact-checkers” damage their own credibility is by admitting a statement is “true,” but by applying loads

Christian woman regrets aborting twins

By Sarah Terzo A Christian woman who aborted a twin pregnancy describes how she felt before and after the abortion: “The nurse told me that I was having twins and it scared me to death. How could

“Late-term pro-abortion hard-liners coming around to views once thought extreme and ominous”

By Dave Andrusko I had not heard of David Neese until I ran across an incredibly insightful op-ed published February 17 in The Trentonian. The title? “Progressives’ brave new world.” Mr. Neese’s column is must-reading, so I

Equality and abortion are mutually exclusive

By Paul Stark Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Editor’s note. This appears in the current digital monthly edition of National Right to Life News. Please share the entire contents of this 40-page issue with your

Ann Furedi, the advance guard of abortion on demand and for “struggling” with infanticide

By Dave Andrusko Over the years we written many stories about Ann Furedi, the CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the leading abortion “provider” in England. Beyond the ghastliness of what Furedi routinely says, I’ve always

Now that abortion law is “in place,” abortion textbook urges pro-choicers to consider women’s sadness post-abortion

By Sarah Terzo A textbook intended to train abortion workers how to counsel patients says: “The opposing argument originally put forward by feminists tried to minimize the emotional effect of termination on women. This appeared vital during

British doctor would make 400% more money doing abortions

By Sarah Terzo From a British abortionist: “The financial side of private clinics has attracted a good deal of attention. A Christian gynecologist told me that she had been invited to help in such a clinic with

If You Have Two Eyes and Half a Heart, You Know Post-Abortive Trauma is Real

By Kirk Walden Reading John Ensor’s article on the abortion doc who may be re-evaluating his thinking on why he is in the life-ending business (it’s a great read—check it out ) reminded me of a moment

The Horror of “After-Birth Abortion” in New York, and elsewhere

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Editor’s note. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), chair of the House Pro-Life Caucus, delivered these remarks on the House Floor on Tuesday. Please also read his 2012 remarks which we are reposting today. Mr. Speaker, in

Premeditated Murder of Newborn Babies Justified As Morally Equivalent to Abortion

The push for “after-birth abortion” By Rep. Chris Smith (R-N J) Editor’s note. These prescient remarks were delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives on March 8, 2012. They are more important than ever with

Public opposes the Democrats’ mad dash to embrace abortion on demand, and beyond

By Dave Andrusko It is fascinating on so many levels that the day before a poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associate finds overwhelming support for treating abortion survivors the way you would treat any other baby born