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Abortion Doulas: a labor induced abortion is not very “natural” at all

By Sarah Terzo One way of doing abortions is by induction, or inducing labor. The baby is usually first injected with poison, such as digoxin or potassium chloride, killing him or her. Labor is induced, usually with

Irish Abortion Committee A Lynch Mob Blind To The Humanity Of Preborn Child

Editor’s note. The Oireachtas is the Republic of Ireland’s Parliament. The 8th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of both the mother and the unborn child. The Fianna Fáil is a political party and its Ard

The Atlantic: Abortion is a “parachute.” Well, what if there are two parachutes?

By Jay Hobbs Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post at Pregnancy Help News. Mr. Hobbs is writing about a post written by Olga Khazan that appeared in the Atlantic in which she compared “abortion

North Korea defector describes forced abortion

Describes horrific scene of women starved to death, bodies fed to guard dogs By Dave Andrusko Over the decades we have run dozens of stories about grotesque human rights abuses in China as it enforced its “One

Women furious as Planned Parenthood equates miscarriage and abortion

By Kelli Planned Parenthood shared an article last week that has drawn the ire of many on social media. It likened miscarriage to abortion, calling the two “sisters.” Pro-Life Libertarians shared a screen shot of the posting,

Misleading headlines part of the media offensive against protective Irish abortion laws

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today will run two posts today about how much blatantly anti-life and pro-media bias there has been of late in so many stories. That applies not just to the United States which

Mother refuses abortion for one of her triplets: ‘He was in me and he was safe’

Tracey Kirby

By Kelli Tracey Kirby was shocked and excited when she learned she was pregnant with three boys – one singleton and a set of twins. But at 18-19 weeks, doctors found that the twins had twin-to-twin transfusion

Oblivious to their biases, WaPo media columnist misses “abortion distortions” and hatred of President Trump

Margaret Sullivan

By Dave Andrusko As promised, here is the second of two posts today about media bias/anti-life sentiment on steroids. We talked in the first post about how the Irish news media, relentlessly pro-abortion, puts the most misleading spin

She suffered enormous guilt after taking friend to abortion clinic

"Abortion is a significant mental health risk factor and the abortion industry in this country is betraying women on a massive scale."

By Sarah Terzo A woman named Michelle talks about how she was crippled by guilt after helping a friend have an abortion: “After I took my roommate home and got her settled, I started off for a

The Story of a Life

Melissa Ohden

By Melissa Ohden Editor’s note. Melissa is the survivor of a “failed” saline abortion in 1977. She speaks all over the world including at many National Right to Life Conventions. She has often written for NRL News

Recommendation of Irish Committee deciding language for abortion referendum out of kilter with public opinion

By Dave Andrusko Yesterday we wrote about the recommendation of a committee of the Irish Parliament which announced informally what it will formally recommend next Wednesday: an end to the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution which holds

Irish Committee to vote to jettison constitutional amendment giving equal rights to mothers and unborn children

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. A “TD” is a member of the lower house of the Irish Parliament. “Fine Gael “ is a political party. It was a development years in the making and carefully orchestrated by