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She remembered women wailing after their abortions

By Sarah Terzo A post-abortion woman named Sophia wrote: “In the clinic in Brighton, I asked the nurse if I could be told whether it was a boy or a girl. I got a brisk reply: “We

Post-aborted woman imagines her aborted child wondering “How come you didn’t love me enough?”

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. I spend more time on the Internet than I care to admit. But the beauty of the “Web” is that stories circulate pretty much indefinitely. Periodically people see posts that you’ve written

The nearly 1,000,000+ annual real victims invisible to self-pitying abortionist

By Dave Andrusko Elsewhere today we will offer a few thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s latest nails on blackboard comments which illustrate (as if any were needed) why the Democratic party is desperate for her to…just…go…away. Her remarkably

A 14-year downward spiral following her abortion

By Sarah Terzo A woman on Pro-Woman Pro-Life gives her abortion testimony: Regretting the abortion didn’t happen right away. I spent over fourteen years thinking nothing of it really. There comes a point when you cease to see

Distinguished American academic tells MPs about the mental health risks of abortion

“I want this information to reach those who can make a difference.” By SPUC The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) Tuesday held an event in Parliament, asking the question “Is Abortion a Mental Health

Abortion corrupts everything it touches

By Dave Andrusko Earlier today, as part of writing about the latest pro-life legislation in Idaho and Kentucky, I looked back at some prior stories I’d composed and ran across an old letter to the editor of

Powerful photo of preserved rhino fetus lost to poachers draws outrage, what about aborted babies lost to abortionists?

Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of the Canadian pro-life organization WeNeeda Law and is reposted with permission. Recently on Instagram, National Geographic shared a simple, powerful photo by Brett Stirton: a rhino fetus, preserved in a

What if all the excuses pro-abortionists use were proved to be bogus?

By Dave Andrusko Besides the anti-life amicus that ripples through them, what common denominator is there in the opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) bills? For newcomers, the former

About those “10 reasons to Appreciate Your Local Abortion Provider”….

By Dave Andrusko Darn, I missed it. I just learned today that last Saturday was “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” And not only did I miss the actual day of “appreciation,” I also missed Rewire News’ “Ten Reasons

She Needs Support, He Needs Respect. Let’s Meet Them with Both.

By Susanne Maynes One night recently, we watched an indie film. The first part seemed a little boring and awkward, but then the stories of the characters began to emerge. The main character’s boyfriend has broken up

Abortionist Willie Parker describes placing fetal body parts “into a fine mesh strainer”

By Sarah Terzo Abortionist Willie Parker describes seeing the body parts of the babies he aborts. He describes how he does a first trimester abortion: … I insert a straw, called a cannula… and attach that to

New law: If Ontario doesn’t like what you say, you’re going to jail

By John Sikkema March 7, 2018 – A new law took effect in Ontario last month. It is now an offence, punishable by punitive fines and prison, to “attempt to advise or persuade” someone to refrain from