“Real Estate for Life”–A great way to donate to NRLC at no cost to you!

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This appeared in the April digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share all the contents with your pro-life friends and family.

Self-sacrificial as pro-lifers are, you don’t need a personal incentive to work on behalf of innocent unborn children. You do it because it is a sacred obligation and a privilege.

For 40 years you have trusted in the dedication and professionalism of National Right to Life. And because of your contributions in time and money, you have helped NRLC become the leading voice on behalf of life not only in the United States Congress, but together with our state affiliates in the state legislatures, as well. You know your contributions will be used in the most effective way possible by the organization pro-life champion Rep. Chris Smith calls “the hub, the nerve center of the Pro-Life Movement.”

Occasionally an opportunity comes along that is literally too good to pass up. A chance to assist the work of NRLC in the course of doing what you would have done anyway at no cost to you.

Most, if not all of us, will move at least once, probably multiple times. That’s why the contributions of Real Estate for Life is becoming so valuable to National Right to Life. It works like this.

If you’re going to move, you contact Real Estate for Life at 877-543-3871 or visit their webpage at realestateforlife.org.

As they explain, they find you a local experienced realtor in your neighborhood. With their assistance you complete your residential (or commercial) reality transaction.

A generous donation goes to the pro-life organization of your choice, which we trust would be National Right to Life.

“Instead of going to the Yellow Pages, you can go to Real Estate for Life, find a professional realtor in your community, and after your house is sold, a donation will be made to help NRLC save babies,” explained Jacki Ragan. “This program is already helping to underwrite National Right to Life’s work in creating a culture of life.”

And if you are not moving, you might well have a pro-life brother, sister, cousin or friend who is. Just pass the word.

Again that phone number is 877-543-3871 and the webpage is realestateforlife.org.