Democrats’ advantage in Generic Ballot smallest since day President Trump inaugurated

By Dave Andrusko

Just a quick update in ongoing series on how the 2018 off-year elections are shaping up to be much better than our pro-abortion friends in the media have been telling us for months and months.

As you recall, a key barometer that has sent pro-abortion hearts atwitter is the “generic ballot” which asks people which party they would support in a congressional election without tying the question to specific candidates.

At the end of 2017, Democrats—almost all of whom are pro-abortion—led by 13 points over Republicans almost all of whom are pro-life. In March Democrats enjoyed a 16 point advantage.

Rightly or wrongly, predictions of changes in the composition of the House and Senate are made off of this number.

However, that advantage for Democrats continues its downward cycle .

Real Clear Politics brings all the polls together and gives a “spread,” aka the advantage. Yesterday it was down to 5.2 points which is (as observed)

the smallest generic-ballot lead the Dems have had since Inauguration Day. At no point in Trump’s presidency, even over the first hundred days when the jury of public opinion was still out on him, was the GOP as close as it is now.