New Video game expedites having an abortion

By Dave Andrusko

The abortion industry and their legion of supporters/defenders are nothing if not clever. Here’s a new twist, at least new to me.

Wikipedia describes the Daily Dot as “a digital media company covering Internet culture and life on the web,” the self-described “hometown newspaper” of the Internet.

Well today one of their contributions was a profile of a new browser-based video game called “Trapped.” The headline of Samantha Grasso’s story is “‘Trapped’ is a realistic game about how hard it is get an abortion.”

By the headline and the first paragraph, the mission statement, so to speak, of “Trapped” is clear: abortions are difficult to get, more expensive to procure than thought, and made unnecessarily complicated by gynecologists who tell women abortion is wrong and dishonest crisis pregnancy centers/women helping centers.

The ‘face’ of the villains are TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws. The heroines are abortion funds women can tap into to pay for their abortions.

Just a couple of quick points. Anything that places the slightest speed bump on the path to the abortion clinic, including a chance for the woman to look at her unborn baby or have a day or two to reflect, is supposedly an example of TRAP. Any law that requires abortion centers to meet minimal health standards is a TRAP. Any anything is a TRAP—at least to the abortion industry.

The idea of the video game is that the observer “walks in the shoes” of the woman from the time she learns she is pregnant. We’re told there are various options to cover the different circumstances, including age, insurance coverage, ability to access transportation, and the like.

Here’s guessing that none of the scenarios include other true-to-life variables.

How about boyfriends compelling teenagers to abort? Or a woman helping center that offers not lies but the truth about her baby and her options. Or even an euphemistic explanation of what an abortion does to a helpless unborn baby. Or just a hint that an untold number of girls and women will rue the day they took their child’s life, or far worse.

Give the devil his due. This video game is diabolically clever and fully representative of the father of lies.