Unborn Children

“No, It’s Human Baby”

By Chris Gast, Right to Life of Michigan Education Coordinator On April 18, a couple in Flint were taking a… Read More

6 days ago

Amazing new technology shows unborn twins jockeying for space

“A womb with view” By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We ran this a while back but it so delightful… Read More

6 days ago

“The unborn” are convenient group…

By Monica Snyder, Executive Director, Secular Pro-life People repeatedly post the following quote: “The unborn” are a convenient group of people… Read More

2 weeks ago

1-in-70-Million Odds: Couple Seeking Sibling for Their Daughter Gets Rare Quadruplets (2 Sets of Identical Twins)

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life An Alabama couple made headlines after giving birth to an extremely rare set of quadruplets.… Read More

2 weeks ago

“Never Too Early” to remind us unborn children are already part of the family

By Dave Andrusko Once again, I saw what I’m guessing will be the most powerful, if indirect, pro-life message I… Read More

3 weeks ago

Treating the unborn as patient

However, when she went in for her 30–week ultrasound, Steinberg reported, “the doctor told her that ‘something wasn’t right in… Read More

3 weeks ago

How poetry highlights the humanity of the unborn–and the barbarism of abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren Editor’s note. This appeared at The Bridgehead and is reposted with permission. Nobody is really in any doubt… Read More

3 weeks ago

A team of doctors perform first-ever, life-saving brain surgery on baby in womb

By Dave Andrusko Few stories are more intriguing, more fascinating (to me, at least) than accounts of breakthrough in fetal… Read More

4 weeks ago

How Culture of Death Contorts Logic and Distorts our Understanding of Reality

By John Stonestreet and Kasey Leander Recently in The New Atlantis, physician Matthew Loftus described how a culture of death has distorted our view of… Read More

1 month ago

My body, my choice? Bodily autonomy cannot justify killing or neglect

By Paul Stark, Communications Director, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Amidst the rhetoric in favor of abortion, one argument’s popularity… Read More

1 month ago

Incredibly, NARAL compares preborn babies to bacteria

By Sarah Terzo ‘In one of their publications, the pro-abortion group NARAL states: “Eggs and sperm are alive; so are bacteria… Read More

2 months ago

“Who Owns The Child?”

By Sarah Terzo “I do have moral compunctions. And if I see case that’s later, like after 20 weeks… Read More

2 months ago