Feminist writes “To be pro-choice is to be against forced life.”

“Abortion Involves Killing–and That’s OK!” says Sophie Lewis By Dave Andrusko At turning point moments like this, with Roe just… Read More

15 hours ago

House Speaker Pelosi avoids question on pro-abortion violence, touts Catholic faith

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), speaking to reporters on Thursday, was asked to respond to the Catholic… Read More

1 week ago

Pro-abortion acts of violence against pro-life individuals and institutions continue to escalate

By Dave Andrusko “Soaked in fake blood and carrying baby dolls, abortion activists protested Saturday outside the home of U.S.… Read More

1 week ago

Pro-Abort Militants Promise More Attacks on Pro-Life Centers

By Michael Ippolito Editor's note. Last night the MCCL office was vandalized, including graffiti and some broken windows. It's the second… Read More

2 weeks ago

Solid advice from a very unlikely source

By Dave Andrusko Sorry, this slipped right by me. But it’s very much worth talking about, even if it did… Read More

3 weeks ago

Pro-abortion group targets another Supreme Court justice and her family

By Dave Andrusko One day after Nicholas John Roske sought to give his life “meaning” by attempting to assassinate Supreme… Read More

3 weeks ago

An unexpected turn from a pro-abortion militant who is in deep pain over her own abortion

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. When I thought about reposting this story earlier today, I had intended to also write… Read More

3 weeks ago

Founder of international abortion businesses advises clients to ‘lie to everybody’

By Bettina di Fiore  Politico recently published a long interview with Rebecca Gomperts — founder of Aid Access, Women on Web,… Read More

3 weeks ago

Pro-abortionists “activists” disrupt service in Joel O’Steen’s church in Houston, Texas

By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion disruptions are piling up one after another with a special emphasis on harassing churches. According to… Read More

3 weeks ago

Illogical and Slippery: Inside the Abortion Mindset

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation It was a huge admission: a pro-abortion professor conceding that we are… Read More

4 weeks ago

How and why the Democrats became the party of abortion

By Dave Andrusko Jayd Henricks was executive director of government relations for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops from 2011-2017.… Read More

4 weeks ago

Pro-abortion California AG says he is worried that a reversal of Roe will lead to “misinformation” by Pregnancy Help Center, issues “consumer warning”

By Dave Andrusko In 2018, on his last day on the Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote a concurring opinion… Read More

4 weeks ago