“Bitterness, Hate, Rage.” – Woman Asked About Abortion’s Effect On Her

By Sarah Terzo How did you come to have the abortion(s) and who was involved? “I was unmarried, pregnant by… Read More

1 week ago

Pro-choice author admits women are “surprised” by feelings of loss after abortion

By Sarah Terzo According to pro-choice author Miriam Claire, who wrote an entire book defending abortion: “Some women are surprised… Read More

2 weeks ago

An unexpected turn from pro-abortion militant who is in deep pain over her own abortion

By Dave Andrusko We’ve commented more than once on militant pro-abortion par excellence Jessica Valenti (see, for example, “But that… Read More

1 month ago

The abortion accounts of 26 women weep with pain and regret and remorse

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This ran previously but so much has happened in the battle over chemical abortions that… Read More

2 months ago

Sharon buried her abortion grief for 25 years before she finally found peace

By Sarah Terzo  In her 2020 memoir, author Sharon McFee wrote about an abortion she had at 18. She calls her abortion… Read More

2 months ago

Coerced by multiple parties to abort her child, Mary ‘felt worthless’ until years later

By Sarah Terzo In her memoir, “I Was Once Ashamed but I Am Now Forgiven: From Abortion to Healing,” a woman named Mary… Read More

3 months ago

“Walk with Me”: Reflections on Post-Abortion Journey of Hope and Healing

By Dave Andrusko The blog is titled, “Postabortion journey, walk with me: A story of hope and healing after abortion“.… Read More

3 months ago

The Road Not Taken–or Even Mentioned

By Bonnie Finnerty My body is not their property. So said Madi, 21-year-old college senior who was 13 weeks… Read More

3 months ago

Woman still suffers with grief over abortion she had 35 years ago

By Sarah Terzo One woman wrote: “I had my abortion 35 years ago, and I have regretted it every day… Read More

4 months ago

“Our grief shows the humanity of the unborn” says post-abortion woman

By Sarah Terzo From post-abortive woman named Bernadette: “I became pregnant in my late teens, and 10 weeks into… Read More

5 months ago

Woman tells how an abortion was “supposed to fix everything” yet with every subsequent pregnancy she “saw her aborted baby in their eyes”

By Sarah Terzo One woman’s story about her struggles after an abortion: “While in recovery I asked why I felt… Read More

5 months ago

Years after her abortion as teen, Angel realized it left wounds that ‘words cannot describe’

By Sarah Terzo  Angel L. Murchison wrote a memoir about her abortion, the trauma it caused in her life, and her eventual healing.… Read More

5 months ago