New Knights of Columbus poll find strong support for limitations on abortion and opposition to taxpayer funding of abortion

By Dave Andrusko A new Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll shows once again that a majority of Americans support legal limits… Read More

5 days ago

New Hampshire ban on post-24 week abortions went into effect January 1

By Dave Andrusko Good news out of New Hampshire. Last Saturday, legislation signed in June as part of the budget… Read More

3 weeks ago

President Biden job disapproval numbers hits all time high

By Dave Andrusko President Biden’s job disapprovals hit an all-time high in a new CNBC poll . Thomas Franck explains:… Read More

3 weeks ago

Did Gallup End ‘Most Admired’ 74-Year Polling Tradition to Avoid Trump Placing First?

By Brad Wilmouth Frequent consumers of news may be aware of Gallup's annual poll measuring the "most admired man" in… Read More

3 weeks ago

New Poll supports Mississippi law heard by the Supreme Court, mounting support for reversing Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko Whenever you read something like “Majority oppose overturning Roe v. Wade: poll,” rest assured that the results… Read More

2 months ago

New poll finds more support than opposition for Mississippi law

One-third also say they “haven’t heard anything or haven’t heard enough about this issue to have an opinion” whether to… Read More

2 months ago

What do abortion survey numbers tell us?

By Dave Andrusko I rely on Gallup, all their biases notwithstanding, because they dig deeper on the question of under what… Read More

3 months ago

NBC Journo on Biden’s Polls: It’s ‘Just Objectively Reaaaaaal Bad Now’

By Tim Graham Benjy Sarlin, a "policy editor" at NBC News with a strong Twitter following (121,000), drew attention from… Read More

3 months ago

Youngkin edges ahead of McAuliffe among likely Virginia Voters

By Dave Andrusko A new poll, conducted by the University of Mary Washington and Research America Inc., finds newcomer Glenn… Read More

4 months ago

New poll finds strong support for Missouri bill prohibiting abortion after 8 weeks

By Dave Andrusko A poll of 950 likely Missouri voters conducted by St. Louis University/YouGov found that 56% of Missourians support… Read More

5 months ago

Pushing, polling, and push polling

By Dave Andrusko National Right to Life News Today posts many stories about what public opinion polls supposedly reveal about… Read More

7 months ago

Following up on the latest AP poll on abortion showing strong opposition to 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions

By Dave Andrusko On Friday we took a deep dive into the new AP-NORC poll headlined “Most say restrict abortion… Read More

7 months ago