Americans, the reversal of Roe, and the impact on voting this fall

By Dave Andrusko Last Friday we dissected the latest Washington Post-Schar School poll on abortion.  For our purposes here, the… Read More

1 week ago

Latest abortion poll: “Americans who say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases are also more likely to say they will definitely vote than those who say abortion should be legal, by 11 points”

By Dave Andrusko The results of the latest Washington Post-Schar School poll on abortion, released today, finds Prof. Mark Rozell… Read More

2 weeks ago

Following Dobbs decision, new Marquette Survey find “those favoring Roe’s overturning are more motivated to vote in November”

By Dave Andrusko The latest survey from the Marquette University Law School, released yesterday, cuts against the conventional wisdom that… Read More

3 weeks ago

Poll show strong support for parental permission and parental notification before a minor can have an abortion

By Dave Andrusko Yesterday Rasmussen Reports reported asking 1,000 Likely Voters “Should parental permission be required before an abortion is… Read More

3 weeks ago

Does Abortion Polling Tell the Truth? 

By Samantha Farnsworth The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) finally overturned Roe v. Wade in late June. The… Read More

4 weeks ago

New Harvard/Harris poll has much encouraging results for pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko At the risk of stating the obvious, it is more important than ever to carefully read surveys… Read More

1 month ago

Untangling all the polls on abortion 

By Dave Andrusko With a decision on abortion about to be handed down, in the normal course of events, there… Read More

2 months ago

Harvard/Harris poll offers very encouraging results on abortion questions

By Dave Andrusko No one would ever suspect that abortion polls conducted by Harvard/Harris would be tilted in a pro-life… Read More

2 months ago

Taking a deep dive on abortion polls offers real encouragement for pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko Scott Rasmussen is the president of RMG Research, Inc. and best known for Rasmussen Report which tracks… Read More

3 months ago

Leaked abortion opinion gives no boost to Biden and Democrats 

By Dave Andrusko Sometime, in the next six or seven weeks, the Supreme Court will hand down its much anticipated… Read More

3 months ago

New poll is filled with great news for pro-lifers and terrible news for pro-abortion Democrats

By Dave Andrusko A poll out today from the Trafalgar Group identified yet again how much radical pro-abortionists are costing… Read More

3 months ago

New Fox News poll shows strong majority in favor of 15 week ban on abortion

By Dave Andrusko Still more evidence that a majority of Americans are on our side. First, there is the result… Read More

3 months ago