Media Bias

Washington Post publishes a call for radical pro-abortion grass-roots activism

By Dave Andrusko Well… I didn’t see this one coming, although I probably should have. The Washington Post ran a… Read More

3 days ago

Justice Thomas Rips Liberal Media, Calls Out Their Poor Job and Lies

By Nicholas Fondacaro On Friday, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at an event in Dallas held by the… Read More

3 days ago

EVIL: Wash Post Spews That Roe Reversal Is a ‘9/11 Attack on America’s Social Fabric’ 

By Scott Whitlock  If the editors at The Washington Post were capable of shame, they should feel it now. The… Read More

4 days ago

NPR Smears Pro-Lifers As United in White ‘Male Supremacism’

By Tim Graham    The politically correct nightmare that is National Public Radio deputized their “extremism” correspondent Odette Yousef on… Read More

4 days ago

Pants on Fire: CBS Shills Lie for Pro-Abortion Dems About Senate Vote

By Curtis Houck Thursday’s CBS Mornings kept up the drumbeat in favor of murdering babies, falsely claiming Wednesday’s unsuccessful Senate vote on… Read More

1 week ago

NY Times concedes “Women’s Health Protection Act” would go “far beyond simply codifying Roe”

By Dave Andrusko On Wednesday, for the second time, the Senate rejected a bill which represented a wish-list for pro-abortion… Read More

1 week ago

Does the Washington Post have a secret soft spot for pro-lifers? After 49 year of awful coverage, the answer is, of course, no!

By Dave Andrusko Media Matters describes itself as a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and… Read More

1 week ago

CNN’s Jarrett: Protests Outside Justices’ Homes Are Fine

By Mark Finkelstein On this morning's New Day, CNN reporter Laura Jarrett, daughter of former top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett,… Read More

2 weeks ago

NPR’s Alarmed! Alito’s ‘Quite Strident’ Draft Opinion Used ‘Abortionist,’ ‘Unborn Children’

By Tim Graham  On Wednesday's Morning Edition, your taxpayer-funded National Public Radio expressed alarm at Justice Samuel Alito's "quite strident"… Read More

2 weeks ago

The lessons of the quick demise of CNN+

By Laura Echevarria, Director of Communications and Press Secretary The news that the newly-formed parent company of CNN, Warner Bros.… Read More

3 weeks ago

CNN Host Rolls Out Red Carpet for Abortion Clinic Owner to Strike a Moral Pose

By Brad Wilmouth  Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission. Over the… Read More

4 weeks ago

LA Times editorial make no pretense: “The right to an abortion means the right to have it for any reason”

By Dave Andrusko I have long believed that a critical point of vulnerability for the any and all abortion, at… Read More

1 month ago