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How far can President Biden’s job approval numbers sink?

By Dave Andrusko You wonder how far President Biden’s job approval will fall? Where’s the bottom?  The headline for Wednesday’s… Read More

2 days ago

Biden’s job approval numbers continue to plummet

By Dave Andrusko Irony of Ironies. Rasmussen Reports—discounted in the past for its allegedly Republican leadings—show President Biden’s job approval… Read More

5 days ago

Biden’s job approval numbers hit new low

By Dave Andrusko Often, one news account makes much more sense when you read it in conjunction with a second… Read More

2 weeks ago

NBC Op-Ed: Biden’s Gaffes Are His ‘Authenticity,’ Shouldn’t Be Smothered by Staff

By Tim Graham  Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Newsbusters. Our friend Gabriel Hays at Fox News… Read More

2 weeks ago

V.P. Harris becomes the Biden Administration’s “leading voice” on abortion

 By Dave Andrusko The headline to the story in Bloomberg News is “Kamala Harris Emerges as Biden Team’s Leading Voice… Read More

3 weeks ago

Biden barely registers 40% job approval, bad news for Democrats

By Dave Andrusko On individual issues, President Biden’s approval ratings have already sunk well beneath the 40% mark. But now… Read More

3 weeks ago

Biden’s job approval numbers drop to 34%

By Dave Andrusko As incredible as it may seem, President Joe Biden’s job approval has sunk to 34%, according to… Read More

4 weeks ago

President Promotes Abortion, Calls Killing Babies “Health Care”

By Marie Smith, Director, Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues A Proclamation issued by President Biden during National Women’s Health Week… Read More

4 weeks ago

Continued bad news for President Biden from the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll 

By Dave Andrusko The latest results from the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll generally match the results of other recent surveys—the President’s… Read More

1 month ago

Another day, another poll showing Biden’s job approval number reaching another new low

By Dave Andrusko The headline was brutally frank. “Poll: Biden’s approval ratings hit rock bottom.”  Here’s the lead which must… Read More

1 month ago

Pro-abortion Vice President Harris meets with representatives of the abortion industry to promise the administration will “protect access to abortion”

By Dave Andrusko From the Associated Press: “WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris will speak Thursday with abortion providers from… Read More

1 month ago

Biden’s job approval ratings hit new low—35%

President Biden's approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26% By Dave Andrusko Nobody would think the result of… Read More

1 month ago