Joe Biden

Biden says there may not be enough votes in the new Congress to “codify Roe,” will promote abortion in every way possible

By Dave Andrusko As I write this, it appears Republicans will win control of the House of Representatives. The importance… Read More

2 weeks ago

When doing “nothing” would save countless lives

By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion President Joe Biden held a press conference yesterday the day after the midterm elections. The first… Read More

3 weeks ago

Bishop Michael Burbidge denounces Biden’s single-minded extremism on abortion; “this priority of the president only brings about pain and death”

By Dave Andrusko In a speech replete with misinformation, President Joe Biden once again demonstrated that the Biden administration pushes… Read More

4 weeks ago

Catholic Bishops harshly criticize Biden’s “single-minded extremism” on abortion

By Dave Andrusko Last week, as an example of President Joe Biden’s “single-minded extremism” on abortion, he vowed to “codify”… Read More

1 month ago

Second meeting of Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access calls for “codifying Roe” and political activism 

By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion President Joe Biden Photo: Gage Skidmore Editor’s note. This appears in the October issue of National… Read More

1 month ago

Only ABC Notes Unwanted, Unpopular Biden in Pennsylvania

By Rich Noyes  Alone among the three broadcast morning shows, only ABC’s Good Morning America covered President Biden’s campaign appearance… Read More

1 month ago

White House refuses to address arrests of pro-lifers amid attacks on pregnancy resource centers

 By Mary Margaret Olohan  President Joe Biden’s administration is refusing to address why it’s focusing efforts on arresting pro-life activists… Read More

1 month ago

Biden’s short-tempered response when asked what abortion restrictions he would support tells you all you need to know about our pro-abortion president.

By Dave Andrusko If you’re a Joe Biden supporter, when he brushes off an legitimate question, you say (as does… Read More

1 month ago

In an attempt to inject enthusiasm, pro-abortion President Biden promises to “codify Roe” if Democrats hold the House and Senate

By Dave Andrusko With the midterm elections just three weeks away, President Joe Biden attempted to gin up enthusiasm among… Read More

1 month ago

Republicans Slam Joe Biden’s Plan to Turn VA Into Abortion Business

By Henry Rogers, The Daily Caller Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines sent a letter Tuesday to Department of Veterans Affairs… Read More

2 months ago

Fox News’ Doocy EXPLODES After KJP Ducks His Abortion Question: ‘You Did NOT Answer My Question!’

By Curtis Houck  Editor’s note. This is excerpted from Newsbusters and is reposted with permission. Friday’s White House press briefing… Read More

2 months ago

Survey finds 67% say Biden shouldn’t seek another term, 56% have doubts about his mental fitness to serve as president

By Dave Andrusko By now, it’s not exactly a state secret that overwhelmingly, the American people do not want pro-abortion… Read More

3 months ago