Woman with Down’s syndrome vows to fight on against UK’s discriminatory abortion laws

By Right to Life UK A challenge to the discriminatory abortion law in the UK that permits  abortion up to… Read More

2 days ago

Is killing babies by euthanasia just another form of “care”?

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Michael Higgins, who was published in the National Post on November 22, asks… Read More

2 days ago

Global Coalition of 36 Governments Recommits to Pro-Life Women’s Health Policy

36 countries across 5 continents affirm “no international right to abortion” in second anniversary of Geneva Consensus Declaration.   Government coalition unites… Read More

2 weeks ago

Chileans overwhelming vote down new constitution which would have introduced abortion on demand and euthanasia

By Dave Andrusko A proposed new constitution for the nation of Chile was overwhelmingly defeated Sunday, garnering only 38% of… Read More

3 months ago

New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has never taken a pro-life position on a vote

By Right to Life UK Liz Truss MP has won the Conservative leadership contest by 81,326 votes to 60,399 and will… Read More

3 months ago

Attempt to Use War in Ukraine to Broaden Access to Abortion 

By Marie Smith The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has brought governments and organizations together to save lives, relocate refugees and… Read More

8 months ago

Appalling:  Biden Budget Increases UNFPA Funding Without Restrictions to China

By Reggie Littlejohn, President,  Women’s Rights Without Frontier It is appalling that the Biden administration is proposing a 72% increase… Read More

8 months ago

WHO Demands Abortion at Any Time for Any Reason Throughout the World

By Wesley J.  Smith  It’s often said that no right is absolute. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO),… Read More

8 months ago

Austrian assisted suicide law for people with disabilities began on January 1

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition I reported a few weeks ago that the Austrian parliament had legalized assisted… Read More

11 months ago

Human Rights Council criticises Belgium’s euthanasia law

By Right to Life UK Belgium has been criticised for its radical euthanasia law during a meeting of the United… Read More

11 months ago

The Geneva Consensus Declaration pushes back against western drive for more abortion

By Breakpoint Last week, Guatemala became the latest nation to sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration, the 35th nation to proclaim… Read More

1 year ago

‘Fake news’ from Malawi about unsafe abortions

Liberalising abortion laws will not save lives By Michael Cook  Earlier this month The London Telegraph published a confronting statistic about abortion: 12,000… Read More

1 year ago