Assisted Suicide

Prominent Danish ethicist opposes euthanasia

By Michael Cook  A former chair of the Danish Council of Ethics has published a broadside on legalised euthanasia in… Read More

11 hours ago

Euthanasia: why are we letting all those perfectly good organs go to waste?

It sounds ghoulish, but doctors in the Netherlands are keen  By Michael Cook  One inevitable development of euthanasia which its… Read More

2 days ago

British Medical Association (BMA) decides by just 4 votes to go neutral on assisted suicide

By Right to Life UK Delegates at the British Medical Association’s Annual Representative Meeting have decided by a narrow margin… Read More

3 days ago

Swiss assisted suicide group EXIT will continue to provide suicides to foreigners

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A Swiss group has decided to continue providing assisted suicide to Swiss citizens… Read More

3 days ago

Biden’s Suicide Prevention Day Proclamation Fails to Repudiate Assisted Suicide

By Wesley J. Smith Thursday was World Suicide Prevention Day. You didn’t hear about it? If so, that’s pretty typical, which… Read More

5 days ago

Is The euthanasia lobby promoting suicide?

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition While reading an article published by the Cal-Alumni Association that was promoting… Read More

1 week ago

Scotland could be close to legal assisted suicide

But the bill has formidable opponents By Michael Cook  Will Scotland become the first jurisdiction in the United Kingdom to legalise… Read More

2 weeks ago

Queensland Australia Euthanasia Bill fails to protect vulnerable from involuntary death

Editor’s note. This article was published by the Australian Care Alliance on September 1, 2021 and reposted at the Euthanasia… Read More

2 weeks ago

Standing firm against euthanasia and assisted suicide

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Two weeks I published an article titled ‘Is assisted suicide a suicide?’ based… Read More

2 weeks ago

Bioethicists joust over Canada’s ‘Medical Aid in Dying’

By Michael Cook  The debate in Canada over euthanasia and assisted suicide – or, as it is called there, Medical… Read More

3 weeks ago

Hawaii’s 2020 assisted suicide report recommends even more death

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Hawaii assisted suicide law--"Our care, our choice act"--took effect on January… Read More

3 weeks ago

Why the Hawaii Health Department Wants Looser Assisted-Suicide Rules

By Wesley J. Smith Please understand, dear readers, that when assisted-suicide advocates promise strict guidelines to protect against abuse, they don’t… Read More

3 weeks ago