Abortion alternatives

Pennsylvania Abortion Total Increase by 1,105

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The number of abortions in Pennsylvania increased in 2020 by 3.5% according to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation,… Read More

7 months ago

Ireland: 90% support women being offered other alternatives before an abortion

By Right to Life UK Almost 90% of people in Ireland believe that women should be offered information about alternatives before… Read More

9 months ago

New York’s new governor wants Facebook to ‘curb the spread’ of the pro-life message

By Nancy Flanders | September 15, 2021 , 04:26pm  This week, the stranglehold of Big Tech on the pro-life message… Read More

11 months ago

Abortions at 2 Months

By Sarah Terzo This is a picture of a 7-week-old unborn baby, at just under 2 months And here is a… Read More

11 months ago

One Year Ago: Abortion Pill Reversal Saved Her Baby After She Regretted Taking the First Dose

By Laura Nicole Editor’s note. The number of babies saved since we posted this story about Abortion Pill Reversal a… Read More

11 months ago

Pregnancy Resource Center set on fire by arsonist

By Sarah Terzo In May of this year, an arsonist set a pregnancy resource center on fire. Live Action News covered the… Read More

11 months ago

Is Abortion Really the Best We Can do for Women?

No. Choosing life is the ultimate victory By Nancy Valko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our… Read More

3 years ago

Positive Alternatives funding at stake as Minnesota legislative session nears end

By Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) The legislative session at the state Capitol in St. Paul is rapidly approaching… Read More

3 years ago

Federal Court Permanently Ends California Law that Forced Pregnancy Centers to Advertise for Abortion

By Katie Franklin A California law forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion was brought to a permanent end… Read More

4 years ago

When a Friend Is Considering Abortion

Editor’s note. This appeared today at Life Issues Forum which is a bi-weekly column written by staff of the United… Read More

4 years ago

Birthright examining effects of 72-hour waiting period for abortion

By Jennifer Brinker Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a story in The St. Louis Review, the newspaper of the… Read More

7 years ago

Offering Real Alternatives to Women in Crisis draws pro-abortion ire

  By Maria Gallagher, legislative director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Perhaps the biggest evidence that Pennsylvania’s landmark Alternatives to Abortion program… Read More

8 years ago