What is the “Language War of the Abortion Debate” about and who is winning?  

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Today’s repost of story that appeared in NRL News Today reminds us that pro-abortion publications occasionally… Read More

6 hours ago

UN Human Rights Recommendation Brands Abortion Restrictions ‘Racial Discrimination’

By Wesley J. Smith The vaunted international community is determined to impose extremely politically progressive policies on the entire world. Alas,… Read More

8 hours ago

Mother who coerced daughter into an abortion still cries years later over her lost first grandchild

By Sarah Terzo “No one knows of the torment that can come after it’s over, unless they’ve gone through it.… Read More

8 hours ago

Despite what some claim, abortion is never ‘a powerful act of love’

By Nancy Flanders  In an essay published by Time about the elective abortion of her second child, abortion doula and clinic worker Hannah… Read More

8 hours ago

Biden administration seeks to establish million-dollar hotline to provide abortion referrals

By Patty Knap The Biden administration is certainly keeping its commitment to do everything possible, bending over backwards to ensure… Read More

2 days ago

Study shows that most women who experience abortion do so in conflict with their preference and values

A recent peer-reviewed study indicates most women who experience abortion do so in conflict with their preference and values, highlighting… Read More

3 days ago

Could the abortion industry’s disdain for fathers actually save lives?

By Sarah Terzo  Many in the abortion industry appear to have hostility towards men — particularly the fathers of preborn babies.… Read More

3 days ago

Tweeting while you wait for your chemical abortion to be completed

By Dave Andrusko I am as shocked as I am sad, although I suppose I should not be surprised. A… Read More

1 week ago

Researchers find “there is national, hidden epidemic of unwanted abortions”

By Dave Andrusko It is amazing—except when you consider that the abortion industry is in bed with the media—that so… Read More

1 week ago

Abortionist tells woman her unborn baby is ‘only tiny–it isn’t developed yet”

By Sarah Terzo Dr. Roslyn Stephens, an abortionist, said the following to patient identified as Leslie: “This one, you… Read More

1 week ago

Many women have stepped forward to give their testimonies of how abortion hurt them

Despite pro-choice mockery of women who experience abortions and later come to regret them, many women have stepped forward to… Read More

1 week ago

We can’t close our eyes to the existence of forced abortion

By Michael Cook An overlooked angle on the abortion debate in the United States and elsewhere emerged in the European Court… Read More

1 week ago