“Will Vermont become abortion haven post Roe v. Wade?”

This toxic salt solution was intended to scald me to death from the outside in. After 5 days of floating… Read More

3 days ago

The Turnaway Study Takedown: Video debunks ‘research’ claiming women suffer when denied abortion

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser  The abortion industry and its media allies frequently claim that women don’t regret having abortions, but a… Read More

3 days ago

Scientists and doctors are talking through their hats on abortion 

Many of the world’s leading journals are condemning the US Supreme Court’s decision to scrap Roe v. Wade  By Michael… Read More

3 days ago

Woman having an abortion describes feeling her baby move

By Sarah Terzo One woman complained about the three days she had to wait between finding out her baby would… Read More

3 days ago

Survey: Physicians Are Far Less Likely to Abort Their Children

By Kelsey Hazzard A  survey published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology and covered by MedPage Today had an intriguing… Read More

4 days ago

Ambulance call-outs for ‘DIY’ abortions dramatically increase since they were made legal

By Right to Life UK Following a Freedom of Information request to ambulance trusts in England, GB News found there… Read More

4 days ago

Department of Veterans Affairs commits first abortion under Biden administration rule

By Laura Nicole  Marking a grim milestone, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has committed its first abortion under a new… Read More

7 days ago

Including the father in the conversation about abortion may just save a life— and save a man and woman a lifetime of emotional pain

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Fathers are far too often forgotten, when it comes to the… Read More

1 week ago

Pregnant Comedian Kicks Off Peacock Series With ‘Killer Abortion Jokes’

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg “I feel guilty, not getting an abortion when I still had the chance.” Peacock’s Ladykiller series is set to… Read More

1 week ago

State will appeal Judge Young’s decision to block Indiana abortion law that require burial or cremation of fetal remains

By Dave Andrusko Three years after the Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law that required fetal remains from an abortion… Read More

1 week ago

Looking at sonogram before having an abortion is “unbearable” – but why?

By Sarah Terzo Kelcie McCrae, a pro-choice writer: “having an abortion was one of the hardest things one of my… Read More

1 week ago

Permission to abort perfectly healthy late term baby is granted by Bombay High Court

By Dave Andrusko I had to read this several times to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me. The… Read More

2 weeks ago