I like prayer. It’s all I have left. And pain.

When the abortion was performed I was out of town on business. Whatever physical, emotional and spiritual agony the woman… Read More

5 days ago

Ex-Home Office boss imprisoned for spiking woman’s drink with abortion drug

By Right to Life UK A senior civil servant has been jailed for more than three and a half years… Read More

5 days ago

Teen and boyfriend cry after her abortion

By Sarah Terzo The night after her abortion, then high school student Shelley Goodell got out of bed in the… Read More

5 days ago

Now, an Embryo Is Mere ‘Pregnancy Tissue’?

By Wesley J. Smith Abortion politics has corrupted medical science. The establishment is so obsessed with promoting abortion that it… Read More

6 days ago

Could pro-life medical students be forced to commit abortions?

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser  For years now, it’s been clear that only a small minority of people in the medical community are… Read More

1 week ago

Northern Ireland Secretary now wants to force ‘DIY’ abortion on Northern Ireland

By Right to Life UK The Northern Ireland Secretary has indicated that he now wants to impose ‘DIY’ abortion services… Read More

1 week ago

Count one for pro-life Sen. Marshall over pro-abortion Sen. Smith: Medication Abortion is not safe

By Dave Andrusko In its embrace of abortion, The Huffington Post is passionately, intuitively, viscerally, and other “ly” you can… Read More

1 week ago

Abortion is violence in the womb because it ends the life of an innocent, helpless, human child.

Their violence demonstrates how little they care about choice—they don’t want women to have the choice to choose life. Pro-abortion… Read More

2 weeks ago

Even some pro-abortion New Jersey Democrats are unnerved by Gov. Murphy’s zeal for abortion, putting further agenda items in question

By Dave Andrusko Back on May 16, we wrote about a real abortion zealot—New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D)--who was… Read More

2 weeks ago

Baby dies after his mother took an abortion pill when she was 30 weeks pregnant

By Dave Andrusko Much is still a mystery—how did the British women secure the first of two abortion-inducing, for example—but… Read More

2 weeks ago

BuzzFeed: Pro-Lifers ‘Misunderstand The Human Reproductive System’

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg Not allowing people to murder innocent babies is apparently a form of oppression.  According to June 10… Read More

2 weeks ago

Author describes boyfriend’s reaction to her pregnancy

By Sarah Terzo CG Richardson wrote a memoir about her postabortion trauma. She had four abortions and deeply regretted them. She… Read More

3 weeks ago