Biden’s dismal approval on handling key issues is as low as his overall job approval

By Dave Andrusko

When calculating the woes of pro-abortion President Joe Biden, the temptation is to fixate on his job approval numbers. As faithful readers know, that has sunk as low as 33% with an average score of 39%-40%.

But an equally revealing set of numbers is the way President Biden is seen to be handling the Big Issues. You can say you would vote for him now (reluctantly) but if you feel he is not doing well on the issues that matter to you, that probably means your opinion will eventually weaken if not dissipate.

For example, using the Real Clear Politics average of the most respected polls we find…

*On inflation 32.4% approve, 64.4% disprove

*On foreign policy 35% approve, 60% disapprove

*On crime 36.5% approve, 57% disapprove

*On immigration 32% approve, 57% disapprove.

Etc., etc., etc.

Speaking of paying attention to this issues voters care about most, Gallup reported Only 3 in 10 Americans say the incumbent is giving enough attention to the issues most important to them, which is worse than for his predecessor.”

More tomorrow.