2023 Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Year in Review

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) blog had more than 1 million blog articles read in 2023. 2023 was also an active year for news related to euthanasia and assisted suicide. This article shares many of the most important stories.

In early January we reported that a Colorado man accidentally ingested lethal assisted suicide drugs while attending an assisted suicide death. This story emphasized the fact that there is no independent oversight for assisted suicide. In late January we reported that a Vancouver doctor euthanized a man who was deemed to be incapable of consenting. Dr Ellen Wiebe is Canada’s most notorious euthanasia doctor. We also reported on Tyler Dunlop who was homeless and seeking death by euthanasia.

In early February we reported that the United Church approved a euthanasia prayer. Soon after, a Canadian Health expert issued a warning to Scotland’s parliament concerning Canada’s euthanasia law. In mid-February, Canada’s Special Joint Committee on Medical Aid in Dying issued a report calling on parliament to extend euthanasia to “mature minors” and by advanced directive. According to the report, Canadian children would be able to be euthanized with or without parental consent (Link).

In March we published the article – Where the Churches stand on euthanasia/

In April a court case was launched to declare California’s assisted suicide law as unconstitutional. The court case is continuing into 2024.

In early May an Ontario man was arrested for selling a suicide substance online. In mid-May Bill C-314, a bill that would have prohibited euthanasia for mental disorders, had its first hour of debate in Canada’s parliament. We also reported that a Québec funeral home was offering euthanasia.

In June, the Uniform Law Commission came to stalemate on proposed changes to Brain Death protocols. In June we reported that a Canadian quadriplegic woman was approved to die by euthanasia as she waited for approval for disability benefits to enable her to live. In late June we reported how the Ontario government hides the cost of euthanasia. We also reported that the euthanasia lobby had launched a campaign to force a Catholic hospital in BC to provide euthanasia. In December, the BC government expropriated property from the Catholic hospital to build a killing center next to the Catholic hospital.

In early July the German Bundestag rejected bills to legalize assisted suicide. Later in July a Canadian military veteran slammed the Canadian government for the euthanasia deaths of veterans with PTSD. We also reported that a transgendered person, who was denied euthanasia, requested it based on post-surgical pain and regret.

In August we reported that a Canadian woman was offered euthanasia as a “treatment” during a mental health crisis/

In September we reported that a Belgian doctor completed a euthanasia death with a pillow. In mid-September I wrote about my experience visiting the Memorial to the Victims of Euthanasia in Berlin.

In mid-October, Bill C-314, that would have prevented euthanasia for mental illness, was defeated. In late-October Health Canada reported that there were 13,241 assisted deaths in 2022 representing 4.1% of all deaths.

In November I published an article titled: Canada’s euthanasia law has gone “mad.” This article was made into a pamphlet that can be ordered from EPC.

In December, Tyler Dunlop, who had applied to die by euthanasia, published a book titled: Therefore Choose Life – My Journey from Hopelessness to Hope. Order the book from EPC. We reported that a BC woman, who had cancer and offered euthanasia, was successfully treated in the US (Link). Soon after we reported that a BC cancer patient died by euthanasia after BC Cancer couldn’t provide him chemotherapy. Waiting lists for cancer treatment in Canada continues to get worse.

In late December Canada’s Justice Minister announced that the government may “pause” it’s plan to extend euthanasia to people with mental illness. EPC launched a petition campaign to prevent the extension of euthanasia to people with mental illness.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Mr. Schadenberg’s blog and reposted with permission.