Vice President-Elect of Argentina heralds “new era” for pro-life movement as she seeks repeal of “disastrous” 2020 abortion law

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Victoria Villarruel, 48, the vice president-elect of Argentina, has backed a repeal of the nation’s 2020 abortion law that legalised abortion up to 14 weeks.

On November 19, Javier Milei, an avowed anti-abortion politician, was elected President of Argentina, securing 55.6% of the national vote, as reported by SPUC. President-elect Milei will assume office on December 10th.

During his campaign, Milei vowed to launch a referendum on Argentina’s abortion law, which he and his vice president, Victoria Villarruel, hope to overturn.

Villarruel, now vice president-elect of Argentina, is also an outspoken pro-lifer who has used her position as a writer and politician to condemn abortion and affirm the “right to life, because life begins at conception”, stating that her stance is not “a matter of religion” but of “pure biology”.

The congresswoman has also stated that she’d support a repeal of the “disastrous” 2020 law that legalised abortion up to 14 weeks, explaining that “there was a lobby here that was also promoted from abroad, abortion is big business and there is a lobby that promoted this issue”.

Milei is expected to give Villarruel, a lawyer, a significant role in his new government, saying: “Obviously, she will not have a decorative role… She is a brilliant woman.”

Pro-life groups around the world have lauded Villarruel as signifying “a new era”, with 40 Days for Life stating on X, formerly known as Twitter, that “we’re thrilled to anticipate her impact on upholding the sanctity of life”.

SPUC comment

A SPUC spokesperson said:

“Victoria Villarruel is a new type of unashamedly pro-life politician who is not afraid to push back against the abortion lobby and its harmful ideology that has harmed so many women and unborn children.

“To make a world where abortion is unthinkable, it is vital that pro-life leaders stand up and be counted, as Villarruel has done. We hope that she can help steer Argentina towards a brighter future for all lives, including the unborn.”