Latest issue of National Right to Life News now in your in-box

By Dave Andrusko, NRL News editor

As of 11:30 am, you’ll find in your in-box the November issue of National Right to Life News, which we affectionately describe as the “pro-life newspaper of record.”

Here’s a preliminary look at just some of the stories, opinion pieces, editorials, and President Carol Tobias’s excellent column.

We start out with the two biggest stories: the upcoming November 7 elections in Virginia and Ohio’s “Issue 1.” In the case of the latter (which we have written about countless times), Ohioans will vote on this citizen-initiated proposal that all pro-lifers and many non-partisans alike insist would embed abortion in the state constitution. We have multiple stories on each.

The key in the fate of Issue 1 is whether Ohioans will be hoodwinked into thinking this is a run-of-the mill proposal. It is anything but. We know that if Issue 1 does pass, the public will unknowing be giving a thumbs-up to an initiative that is far more radical, more extreme, and more chilling than all but a tiny minority of people realize. A sign of how important this is is that big bucks pro-abortionists are pouring in money.

As pro-life Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said, ultimately, the amendment would reverse all the “guardrails” the state of Ohio has in place to regulate abortion and protect women and girls.  “Even if you have people who pro-choice and think that abortion should be allowed at some point up until a certain point, I don’t know anybody who thinks that abortion should be permitted all the way up until birth,” DeWine said. “I mean that just strikes most people as going too far.”

The November issue has three separate stories about the recently elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson (R-La.) He is pro-life through and through which is part of the reason (as if they needed any) for the legacy media paint him as an “extremist.” It goes without saying that in the decades she was the Speaker of the House, pro-abortion Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) was never described as “extreme.” She was a “pragmatist.”

NRLC Director of Federal Legislation, Jennifer Popik, JD, writes that “Pro-lifers should be happy to know that the new Speaker has been a fearless champion for the unborn in both his tenure in Congress, and in his time prior,”

Ben Clapper, president of Louisiana Right to Life, said “Speaker Johnson has been a strong ally of the pro-life movement and Louisiana Right to Life. Speaker Johnson will be a proudly pro-life Speaker of the House who will protect babies and help moms.”

We will do a more complete summary when you’ve had a chance to read more of the 40-page edition. But, as always, there is wide range of issues which guarantees you will find the November issue of National Right to Life News both educational and very exciting.