Abortionist Recommends Book Promoting “Psychic Abortions”

You can’t make this stuff up.

By Sarah Terzo

Abortionist Leah Torres, whose tweets Live Action has covered before, is promoting a 2008 book on Twitter that gives instructions about self-inducing abortions.

After suggesting very dangerous self-abortion techniques using DIY surgery and poisonous herbs, the book describes “psychic abortion.”

A Woman Claims She Convinced Her Preborn Son to Self-Abort

The book quotes one woman who allegedly used “psychic abortion” to abort her baby. The woman says she “agonized” over whether to abort. She didn’t want a baby, she says, but “I wanted him… I could feel him there, hanging out with me, sweet and mine.”

One day, she spoke to her preborn son, saying, “Hey, baby, you need to go… There’s more than one door, baby. If you have to come in now, pick another woman. Or if you wait, maybe I can be your mother later. But not now. Please, not now, can’t you see?”

According to her, she successfully convinced her son to voluntarily self-abort.

A Former Abortion Worker Now Induces “Psychic Abortions”

Teresa Robertson, an “intuitive counselor” who used to work in an abortion facility, helps women commit “psychic abortions.”

She claims that “Many times while witnessing an abortion procedure, I would see or sense the spirit of the baby leave.”

Robertson fully accepts the humanity of the preborn baby and his or her personhood; nevertheless, she supports abortion and feels that she can help women convince their preborn babies to accept death.

Robertson decided to help facilitate “psychic abortions” after an abortion patient came back with an incomplete procedure—the abortion had failed. The woman said that she hadn’t been ready to let the baby go. 

Robertson says, “From that moment on, I have talked to women who are considering terminating a pregnancy… advising them to connect with the baby and say goodbye in order to let go.”

At the abortion facility, Robertson counseled women to psychically connect with their baby before an abortion. She now facilitates “psychic abortions” on her own.

Robertson instructs, “It is important to communicate in a manner which is cooperative and in which negotiations are made on both sides so that each party (parent and unborn child) is fully seen and heard.”

When “Psychic Abortion” Fails

Robertson admits that there have been times the preborn baby has refused to spontaneously abort. She says women only failed to abort when they had “issues of not taking their own power and wanting to please others.”

Contradicting what she said before about psychic abortion being a cooperative endeavor, she says, “Each time the woman took the power and demanded, ‘This is my body. The timing is not right and you must leave.” Then, she says, the baby “left” i.e., died.

How did the baby feel about being forced to die? Apparently, happy. According to Robertson, “The spirit [of the baby] was joyful and expressed this was the lesson to be learned.”

Another “Psychic Abortion” Practitioner

The authors then mentioned Linda Baker, a “spiritual hypnotherapist” who, in 2008, sold tapes pregnant women could listen to overnight. These tapes could allegedly convince the baby to abort.

According to Baker:

Some people had successful miscarriages by putting the tape on at night and just letting it run all night, playing both sides continually…

When possible it is good for both parties to listen to the tape and to be in full agreement and desire for the miscarriage, as with reaching any goal, the clearer the energy is, the more likely the goal will be achieved.

Baker says that psychic abortion requires a “commitment to self-healing,” “courage,” and “willingness to explore individual truth.”

She says that her work does not encourage abortion, but “allows for the spiritual healing of mother, father, and child when abortion is the choice.”

Baker says preborn babies intend to teach their mothers lessons, such as “healing the inner child,” “bring[ing] forth creative energy,” teaching self-empowerment, and “healing relationship issues.” The preborn baby, therefore, exists solely to serve the mother and, when she learns the lesson, the baby can be aborted.

She says that abortion is a painful choice for many women, but:

It is important to remember that pain does not equal bad or wrong. The right choice in our lives can bring feelings of loss, grief, or loneliness and still be the right choice for us.

She compares having an abortion to leaving an abusive relationship—it can be painful but is ultimately for the best.

Killing a Baby Who Loves You

Baker says that when women communicate and connect with their preborn babies, they are overwhelmed with the love their babies have for them. In fact, she says, many women burst into tears when they feel the “energy” of their child.

She says, “It is the purest love they have ever felt. There is no demand, no desire, and no judgment. There is only love.”

The disturbing nature of the fact that she is guiding the woman into killing the very being that who loves her so deeply, (or, at least, convincing that being to die) seems to be lost on Baker.

“Psychic Abortion” Acknowledges That a Preborn Baby Is a Person

“Psychic abortion” freely accepts the humanity of the preborn child. He or she has a life, a soul, and the ability to communicate and agree with the mother. While “psychic abortionists” always frame their “practice” as convincing babies to “leave,” what they really claim to do is convince babies to die.

Of course, there is no scientific evidence of any kind that psychic abortion is a real thing. The authors say, “There may never be scientific proof of the phenomenon of psychic abortion, and it may never be completely understood.”

Leah Torres, a medical doctor, has recommended this book, although we don’t know how she actually feels about (or whether she believes in) “psychic abortion.”

The very concept of “psychic abortion” admits that a preborn baby is a human being. While we can’t assume that Torres agrees based on her recommendation, she did once tweet, “Human beings are pregnant with human beings. That is not in question.”

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