NJ Governor Murphy adds to his pro-abortion resume by signed a bill requiring a state website on “reproductive rights”

By Dave Andrusko

In his relentless race to the bottom, pro-abortion New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill Tuesday requiring a state website on reproductive rights. It did not escape attention that the law comes exactly two weeks before Election Day when all of the state’s 120 legislative seats are on the ballot.

A thoroughly pro-abortion legislature, Democrats hold a 25-15 majority in the Senate and a 46-34 majority in the Assembly. Nonetheless, Democrats have warned “that if Republicans flip enough seats, the party could threaten reproductive rights in New Jersey,” according to reporter Sophie Nieto-Munoz of the New Jersey Monitor.

Her description of the law is modest: People can find information about abortion laws and how to access reproductive health services on a new website after Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill into law Tuesday requiring the online resource.”


The website includes information on state and federal reproductive abortion rights and reproductive health care insurance requirements. It lists resources for health care providers, locations of health care services, and information on how to file a complaint for harassment or intimidation while attempting to obtain an abortion.

Murphy used the occasion of signing still another pro-abortion bill to talk about other anti-life initiatives he has promoted. Nieto-Munoz explained

During Tuesday’s bill signing event, Murphy also noted the $5 million for security upgrades for reproductive health care facilities and $5 million for the state to recruit and train more reproductive health care professionals included in the state budget he signed in June.

The Murphy administration and fellow Democrats passed the Freedom of Reproductive Choice, one of numerous pro-abortion actions taken since 2022. In an editorial, the pro-abortion Star-Ledger warned if Republicans made sufficient gains, they would scuttle “abortion rights.”

In response to the attacks by Gov. Murphy and the newspaper, Senate Minority leader Tony Bucco responded “that abortion access is settled law in New Jersey and said Democrats are resorting to scare tactics to distract people from Murphy’s ‘failed progressive record,’” according to Nieto-Munoz.