Joe Biden Sends Tax Dollars Meant for Legit Health Care to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

By Tennessee Right to Life 

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti

Tennessee Right to Life applauds the actions of Attorney General Skrmetti in filing suit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for diverting Tennessee’s Title X funds to the largest abortion provider in the world.

The Biden Administration used a deceptive workaround in order to funnel Tennessee’s Title X funding through the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Virginia to the affiliate in Tennessee and Northern Mississippi.

“That money should be going to Tennessee’s Health Departments and legitimate healthcare providers, not in the pockets of the abortion industry. The Biden Administration should not be allowed to funnel money from one abortion business to another in order to advance their political agenda,” said Stacy Dunn, President of Tennessee Right to Life.

Tennessee Right to Life agrees with Attorney General Skrmetti that the federal government is “playing politics with the health of Tennessee women.” Tennessee citizens should not suffer in order for President Biden to score points with the abortion industry.

Tennessee Right to Life and pro-life Tennesseans are grateful to the Attorney General for defending the right of Tennessee’s legitimate healthcare providers to offer truth and life to their patients. Tennessee law is protecting the right to life of unborn children. Our health departments should not be financially punished for upholding that law in word and deed.

“Although Title X Funds cannot be used to abort unborn children, they can and will be used to promote the deadly agenda of the abortion industry as they continue to try to overturn Tennessee’s Human Life Protection Act. This move by the Biden Administration is a travesty of justice, and we appreciate General Skrmetti taking action against it,” Dunn concluded.