Abortions Resuming in Wisconsin Due to Activist Court

By Kevin Tober

On Monday, abortions conducted by the Wisconsin baby murder mill Planned Parenthood resumed after the state Supreme Court falsely ruled a 1849 state law banning them did not include “medical abortions.” In light of this barbaric decision to allow the slaughter of unborn babies to resume, NBC Nightly News uncritically hyped the news. 

“Planned Parenthood resumed offering abortions in Wisconsin today after a recent court victory for abortion rights supporters,” anchor Lester Holt announced despite the fact that  “abortion rights” was never something that existed in civilized societies. 

Laura Jarrett, the NBC legal correspondent and daughter of shadowy Obama operative Valerie Jarrett, then chimed in for the rest of the segment to swoon: “For more than a year these doors were closed to women seeking abortions in Wisconsin. But today in Madison and Milwaukee Planned Parenthood clinics restarted their work. The result of a shifting legal and political landscape.”

“Wisconsin’s abortion ban has been on the books for more than 170 years, laying dormant for decades but kicking in again after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe, handing abortion rights back to state control last year,” Jarrett added. “But in July, a judge in Wisconsin decided its state law cannot prohibit consensual abortions.”

Touting how the state Supreme Court has been taken over by leftist activists in black robes, Jarrett announced that a “July ruling bolstered by the state’s highest court now holding a liberal majority by one seat. A Democrat who campaigned on her support of abortion rights, sworn in last month.”

Jarrett ended by advertising how women don’t have to drive as far to kill their babies. “It’s all leading to a new reality for women who before today had to travel to neighboring states Illinois and Minnesota, seeing an influx of patients over the past year,” Jarrett gushed.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.