My Pro-Life Reason:  Shelbea Lane

“Since my birth mom chose life for me in the midst of a horrible situation, I am pro-life today”

I hung up the ultrasound from our third baby girl on our fridge recently and turned around to see my two-year-old standing in the dishwasher, ready to help mama. In that moment, a tear trickled down my cheek as a smile spread across my face. 

Because the beginning of my life almost did not warrant me experiencing these precious moments today.

Conceived through rape, my birth mother had choices to make, and she chose me. I still deal with problems in my adult life that lead back to being in the womb, but she chose to let me live and then gave me up for adoption – and she could not have made a better decision. 

Being alive today means getting to experience all of life’s treasures. I get to wake up every morning and face another day here on this stunning earth, in the gorgeous state of Oregon. While some days are difficult, there is always good to be found in them, like the little giggles of my busy toddlers running about. 

I have gotten to experience my adoptive dad walking me down the aisle to the man of my dreams with my birth mom in the crowd, cheering us on. I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and another on the way. So many blessings – because my birth mom chose life for me, despite her circumstances.

Since my birth mom chose life for me in the midst of a horrible situation, I am pro-life today. 

Despite the circumstances my biological mother was in, I am living proof that you can make the right choice. That you can advocate for that little baby who can’t speak for themselves yet. That you can still love your child, even if it might be from a distance, to better that baby’s life and work on your own. 

To me, being pro-life is easy – much easier than making a choice to end a life.

Editor’s note. This appears at Oregon Right to Life.