CNN Anchor Promotes Illinois Governor Pushing His Abortion ‘Oasis’ as a Hero

By Brad Wilmouth

On Friday’s CNN This Morning, co-host Poppy Harlow treated Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) to an interview in which the Democrat governor encouraged women to visit his state to have abortions, promoting Illinois an “oasis” for “reproductive rights.” She even pressed him on whether President Joe Biden should be doing more to speak out against Republicans on the issue.

The CNN host began the segment by informing viewers of a new law restricting abortion in neighboring Indiana:

So abortion clinics across the state of Indiana have suspended their services this week. This is as a legal challenge to the state’s near total abortion ban moves through the courts, meaning the law is not technically in effect, but concerns over when the court might rule and how it might rule is causing those clinics to basically stop providing that abortion care.

She then added:

And this ongoing legal battle means those seeking an abortion or looking to neighboring states, and that includes, of course, Illinois where the governor and the state legislature have continued to expand abortion accesses after Roe versus Wade was overturned.

It’s ironic that Illinois liberals blame Indiana for shootings in Illinois, that the guns must have come in from Indiana, but they celebrate the right to death when it’s abortion. 

After introducing Governor Pritzker, she cued him up to plug a new law he signed to make it easier for out-of-staters to get abortions. She then fretted that Illinois residents would find it harder to get an abortion because of the increased “influx” of aborting mothers:

Yeah, Planned Parenthood released data from one of their clinics in your state. They saw 35 percent increase in total abortion patients, 40 percent of those coming from out of state. Do you believe that what you have set up in terms of infrastructure for that can handle the influx without delays to others?

After raising an inconvenient issue about freedom of speech to her guest, about a new law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers in Illinois, Harlow followed up by noting Pritzker was scolding “devout Catholic” President Biden for not talking about abortion enough, leaving the feminist work to Kamala Harris:

Finally, on the Biden administration, you told my colleague Jake Tapper last year, the federal government should be doing more to protect abortion rights. New York magazine has a really interesting profile of you out this week, and it recounts last year — this is post the leak of the Dobbs decision before it was official — and you’re with Biden in this motorcade, and you say to the President, “You need to be out there — you can’t have the Vice President doing all the talking.” Is President Biden out there enough on this?

Pritzker bragged:

In Illinois we are an oasis if you look at the map. Every state around us has outlawed abortion, and we’re the ones who are protecting it.”

Concluding the segment, Harlow again bolstered her Democrat guest by suggesting President Biden is not getting enough credit on the economy, and was visibly amused when Governor Pritzker accused Republicans of pushing “Facebook fakery.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.