Calling on Pennsylvania lawmakers to work to save a program that provides hope to thousands of pregnant women

Real Alternatives has served 350,000 women during its 27-year history.

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Linda was a teenager when she discovered she was pregnant. Rather than receiving support from those around her, she experienced condemnation—and pressure to abort her precious chil

 “I found myself pregnant at 16 years old and everyone that I thought loved me was screaming at me to get an abortion,” Linda writes.

“I had no intention of killing my baby so I moved out on my own and worked double shifts at (a hotel), cleaning rooms.

 “That baby is now 42 years old and has given me three beautiful grandchildren,” Linda added.

Linda came forward in the wake of news that Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro plans to end the Commonwealth’s contract with Real Alternatives ( ). Real Alternatives runs PA’s award-winning Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services program, which has served an astounding 350,000 women during its 27-year history.

Women in the Commonwealth will undoubtedly suffer if the Governor’s ill-conceived plan is put into action. The program funds pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies throughout PA.

Without the vital services the program provides, pregnant women will be left to fend for themselves. That abandonment would mean these women would not have the comprehensive counseling and support they require during their pregnancies. The program is essentially a one-stop shop for pregnant women in challenging circumstances, offering them the mentoring and encouragement necessary to obtain proper pre-natal care, well baby care, and other essential services

Meanwhile, Linda says, if she had caved into pressure and had an abortion, “I would have missed so much.” She says that fact fuels her passion to fight for Real Alternatives’ contract.

 Let us honor Linda and other women by sending an immediate message to PA’s state lawmakers, calling on the legislature to work to save a program that provides hope to thousands of pregnant women. You can send your message by clicking here.