Newborn Twins Found Dead in Chicago Day Care Bathroom

By Illinois Federation for Right to Life

On Thursday, July 6, newborn twin girls were found dead in a bathroom at Bernice Lavin Early Childhood Education Center on the campus of Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Just before 7:00 pm, the bodies were discovered by a janitorial crew who spotted a trail of blood on the bathroom floor. The janitors followed the trail to a cabinet. The unresponsive babies were found inside a trash bag stuffed in the cabinet. They were rushed to Lurie Children’s Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

According to the authorities and the education center, the twins’ mother (a 29-year-old who works at the education center) experienced a medical emergency leading to unexpected delivery. About an hour before the janitorial staff discovered the babies, the mother was found in the first-floor bathroom covered in blood. Someone called 911, and the mother was taken to the emergency room.

Neither the education center nor the authorities commented on whether the children died before delivery. No information is publicly available explaining who stuffed the children in a trash bag or why.

Regardless of whether they survived birth, these babies were treated without the respect human life deserves. If there was concern that the mother could not care for her children, she could have found support at a pro-life pregnancy center or surrendered her children to first responders under Illinois’s Safe Haven law.

An alarming trend of stories regarding abandoned infants has been in the news recently. As a culture of abortion and dehumanization persists, more babies die tragic preventable deaths.

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