July issue of NRL News now in your email; complete coverage of the 52th National Right to Life convention

By Dave Andrusko

Take a peek in your inbox and you will find the July issue of National Right to Life News. At 52 pages, it’s the largest edition we’ve ever produced.

It’s easy enough to understand why it’s lengthy. It’s been a year since the bombshell Dobbs decision shredded the over-the-hill Roe v. Wade decision. We needed to reflect on that seismic event–and we did!

And we couldn’t give short-shrift to what is happening on Capitol Hill. Jennifer Popik, JD, Federal Legislative Director, covers the waterfront in a story which begins on page four. And although it may seem a long ways off, Political Director Karen Cross provides an update on the many Republican candidates who have announced their candidacy for President. That fascinating and very indepth coverage begins on page 5.

But the gem in this issue is, of course, the 52th annual NRLC Convention which was held in Pittsburgh. Page after page gives you  birds-eye coverage, beginning on page one and interspiced through the edition.

Jacki Ragan, Director, State Organizational Development Department and NRL Conventions, starts off with a recap of “NRLC Gathers in Pittsburgh to Make Abortion Unthinkable.”

The opening morning featured Erik Rosales, speaking at the Prayer Breakfast, followed by Wesley Smith, J.D., and Alex Schadenberg, discussing Assisted Suicide, then Amy Ford and Thomas Glessner, J.D., on Pregnancy Resource Centers topped off by  Benjamin Watson who wrapped up day one that evening with an electrifying speech.

Day two was every bit as exciting and motivational capped off by Seth Dillon of “The Babylon Bee” who was uproariously funny and very astute, And, we had 24 workshops on important pro-life topics tucked in around all the major session.

Over the remainder of the week I’ll try to convey the genius of the convention’s organizers, speakers, exhibitors, who all in their own ways made NRLC 2023 a smash hit.