A NEW Adoption Tax Credit!

Good news! The BRAND-NEW Louisiana Adoption Tax Credit is in effect!

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director, Louisiana Right to Life

Last Thursday, we gathered at the State Capitol to celebrate adoption and the passage of the Adoption Tax Credit, HB 443, which provides a refundable $5,000 tax credit for privately adopting a child under the age of 3. The tax credit is eligible in connection to an adoption finalized after January 1 of 2023. We were joined by advocates, adoptees, birthparents, and the author of the bill, Rep. Rick Edmonds.

During the event birth mother Kim Shultz said:

“To save my baby from the tragic way of life that I was living in I chose to place him for adoption. All of these years later I have three more boys, I’m married, and we’ve actually thought about adopting a couple of times. Because I’ve always wanted to love on another birth mother the way that my birth son’s adoptive family has loved on me.”

We know adoption is expensive for adopting families, which is why we led the charge to pass this tax credit. Together with the federal adoption tax credit, we hope this Louisiana tax credit will make adoption at least somewhat more affordable for heroic families looking to adopt.

And, remember, while adoption can be costly for adopting families, there is no cost to the birthmother who is making the courageous choice to choose a future of hope for her baby!

Testimonies from thousands of women show that those who choose adoption make their decision out of love and wanting better for the life of their child than what they can provide. And studies indicate that 90% of adoptees report feeling just as loved by their parents as those raised by their biological family. This is why we must do more to champion adoption across Louisiana!

You can help adoption by spreading the word about this new Louisiana Adoption Tax Credit. Let’s make sure every Louisiana knows about it! To find out how you can help us in our adoption advocacy, contact our Adoption Education Director, Sarah Zagorski, at sarah@prolifelouisiana.org.

For a Pro-Life Louisiana.