Woman arrested for trying to force abortion pill on ex’s former lover

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser

A Florida woman has been arrested for trying to trick the pregnant ex-fiancée of her ex-boyfriend into an abortion.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Haley Raborn contacted her ex-boyfriend on Snapchat, who had fathered a child with the 21-year-old victim. Neither the mother nor the father have been named.

Raborn pushed the father of the child to give the pregnant woman an abortion pill, offering to supply him with the pill. She also tried to bribe him with a pair of AirPods and gave him instructions on how the pill should be administered.

Raborn then met with the father to give him the pill, which he promptly gave to the police, as well as copies of the Snapchat messages. The mother, who was 11 weeks pregnant at the time, also contacted the police and had a restraining order put into place against Raborn.

Detectives also found that Raborn created a fake Facebook account using the pregnant mother’s name and photo.

Roughly a month after being notified, authorities confronted Raborn, who initially lied about her crime, but eventually confessed. “Raborn told detectives she obtained the pill from a virtual doctor, online, and knew it was an abortion pill,” the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reported. “Raborn showed little to no remorse for planning to have the unborn child murdered.”

She has been charged with Solicitation/Attempted Murder on Unborn Child by Injury to the Mother and Tampering With/Fabricating Physical Evidence (fraudulent social media account), with bond being set at $105,000.

With the abortion industry pushing for chemical abortions to be made accessible online and through the mail, pregnant women are at significantly higher risk of becoming victims of these types of crimes. With no verification from a doctor in person, anyone can order abortion pills and sneak them into someone’s food or drink, possibly forcing them to suffer an abortion without even knowing it.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.