Nevada Governor Lombardo protects citizens by vetoing assisted suicide bill

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Thank you to the many people who contacted Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and asked him to veto assisted suicide bill SB 239.

On May 25, EPC asked our supporters to contact Governor Lombardo urging him to veto SB 239 with this; or to call him at (775) 684-5670; or post a message by Twitter at: @JosephMLombardo

The death lobby was also lobbying Governor Lombardo to sign the bill.

On June 5, Jessica Hill and Taylor R. Avery reporting for the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that Governor Lombardo vetoed assisted suicide bill SB 239. They reported:

Lombardo also vetoed the controversial assisted suicide bill Monday evening, arguing that it was “unnecessary” due to improvements in pain management.

“End of life decisions are never easy,” Lombardo wrote in his veto message. “Individuals and family members must often come together to face many challenges — including deciding what is the best course of treatment for a loved one.”

Lombardo said the provisions in the bill “unnecessary” due to expansions and improvements in palliative care services, or care for people living with serious illnesses, and pain management.

*Please thank Governor Lombardo for vetoing SB 239 through (this link) or call him at: (775) 684-5670 or post a message by Twitter at: @JosephMLombardo