Biden-Harris One Year after Dobbs

By the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues

On the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, President Biden issued a statement saying that the decision “has already had devastating consequences” referring to the states which have issued abortion bans to protect the lives of children alive but not yet born. He says that “state bans are just the beginning” and that “Congressional Republicans want to ban abortion nationwide” and take abortion pills off the market. Biden calls the Republican pro-life agenda “extreme, dangerous, and out-of-step” and then declares that his Administration “will continue to protect access to reproductive health care” and he calls on Congress “to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade in federal law once and for all.” Biden thinks it is right to end the lives of unborn children nationwide but wrong to protect their lives nationwide or in individual states.

Vice President Harris spoke in North Carolina on the anniversary. She said her first public remarks that day were, “How dare they, “How dare they, “How dare they. How dare they attack basic healthcare. How dare they attack our fundamental rights. How dare they attack our freedom. “

She described pro-life state legislators as extremist “so-called leaders” who “have proposed or passed more than 350 new laws to restrict these freedoms and the right to have access to reproductive healthcare.” She equated access to abortion to freedom while ignoring the tiny precious victims.

Harris said, “So, we gather here with knowledge and a deep and profound belief that America is a promise — a promise. A promise of freedom — and freedom for all. A promise that each person can determine their own future, dream with ambition, and live with dignity. A promise that every person truly has the ability to thrive.”

The Biden-Harris Administration also issued a fact sheet listing in detail all the actions taken to enable the killing of unborn children, deceptively called “defending reproductive rights” and protecting “access to reproductive health care. The White House states, “Today, more than 23 million women of reproductive age—one in three—live in one of the 18 states with an abortion ban currently in effect” and proposes that “the only way to ensure women in every state have access to abortion is for Congress to pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade.”

The White House announced that the Biden-Harris Administration has been partnering with leaders on the state level to protect access to abortion—both those fighting pro-life state legislation and those advancing pro-abortion policies. VP Harris has traveled to 18 states and met with more than 250 state legislators, health care providers, and pro-abortion advocates to discuss anti-life strategies and policies.

Abortion Central to Biden’s Reelection, But Declares “Not Big on Abortion”

Abortion is to be the front and center issue in the Biden-Harris reelection campaign. Both were endorsed for reelection by three of the nation’s top pro-abortion groups at a D.C. event— EMILY’s List, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. The groups described Biden-Harris reelection as “crucial to the country’s future of healthcare” and to “push anti-abortion extremists out of office.”

During the event, President Biden called their support “a big deal” that was “critical last time around” and said, “I can’t think of three organizations who will do more — have more consequential impact on the right and the ability to regain freedom.” The freedom Biden talks about is the freedom to end the lives of unborn children up to birth.

Biden was emphatic on the importance he places on access to the death of preborn children, “To state the obvious — even though it’s clear by now; it’s almost redundant to say it — this fight really matters. It really, really matters.

“You know, and since that dark June day last year, each of you has worked tirelessly to fight back. In the Dobbs decision, the Court particularly — practically dared the women of America to be heard. They’re going to find out again, I really believe it in my heart,” Biden said.

“The court was betting that all of us would remain silent,” he added. “You all showed up and beat the hell out of them.”

“Republicans in Congress have proposed three national abortion bans just this last year. Well, make no mistake about it: If somehow Congress were to pass a national ban, I will veto it.” 

After expressing his strong support for abortion, days later Biden told a crowd of 100 donors, “I’m a practicing Catholic. I’m not big on abortion. But guess what? Roe v. Wade got it right” and again criticized the more than 20 states that have passed laws restricting access to abortion.