Abortion Worker: We Treat Aborted Babies “Respectfully”

After they kill them, of course.

By Sarah Terzo

Editor’s note. This article appeared on Live Action News.

In this blog post, an abortion worker discusses how her clinic is considering offering women the chance to “donate” their aborted “tissue” for research purposes.

She makes the argument that pro-lifers who take photos of aborted babies are exploiting the babies because they sometimes handle and pose them. According to her, fetuses are “generally exploited – not respected” by the pro-life movement.

Of course, it’s different at her clinic. They respect the bodies of aborted babies completely. In her own words:

In my clinic, we wash off the tissue and examine it. It is treated respectfully and put with the woman’s first name into a container.

We show it to patients if they ask to see it, and make sure they understand which part is the sac (later the placenta), which part the pregnancy if visible (after 9 weeks), and which part the lining of the uterus.

People have been known to pray over it, write notes for inclusion, “baptize” it, etc etc. Some clinic staff have also been known to say a little prayer over it – thanking it for its sacrifice so that the woman could continue on the path she was on.

Oh, yes – this is so much better than taking photos of the aborted babies to testify to how they were brutally killed. These clinics treat these babies “respectfully.”

After they kill them, of course.

Sometimes statements by abortion providers are just mind-boggling.