Pro-lifers in Maine rally against unlimited abortion throughout pregnancy

By Dave Andrusko

Maine Democrats are pushing a bill that allows for unlimited abortion that, earlier in the month, was said to be “in the bag” by The Maine Women’s Lobby.

Pro-life voices are outnumbered in the legislature but grassroots pro-lifers are letting the unsympathetic body know their staunch opposition.

“LD 1619, which has broad support among Democratic lawmakers, would allow abortions up until birth at the discretion of the physician, physician assistant, or advanced registered nurse,” Edward Tomic reported for The Maine Wire.

“When LD 1619 had a public hearing on May 1, pro-lifers turned out en masse to testify against the proposal, setting records for State House attendance.” Estimates are that at least 1,500 people rallied against LD 1619.

According to Tomic

Speaker Talbot Ross’ bill, “An Act to Improve Maine’s Reproductive Privacy Laws,” would allow abortions to be performed after the viability of the fetus if a licensed physician, a physician assistant, or an advanced registered nurse “determines that it is necessary.”

Currently, physicians in Maine are prohibited from performing post-viability abortions except when it is necessary to “preserve the life or health of the mother.”

Pro-lifers were back in force yesterday at the State House.

Thursday’s “Speak Up for Life Rally @ the State House 2.0,” is the second rally this month “led by State Rep. Laurel Libby (R-Auburn) against Gov. Janet Mills and House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross’ (D-Portland) proposed bill LD 1619.”

At the May 1 Rally, Democratic committee chairs reduced the allotted speaking time for pro-lifers in order to shorten the length of the hearings so large was the opposition to the bill.

“No need to prep testimony or be there for 24 hours, but we do need hundreds of people to show up and make it clear that Maine says ‘No’ to late-term abortion,” Libby said in a video on Facebook sent out in advance of yesterday’s “Speak Up for Life” rally. “The Democrats are hoping that we’ve fallen asleep. Let’s show them that we’re wide awake and we mean business.”

Libby spoke to supporters outside the State House on Thursday “with signs reading ‘Kill the bill, not the baby,’ ‘LD 1619 too extreme!!’ and ‘All Babies Lives Matter.’”

It’s a closely guarded secret when the bill will next be in front of committee, Tomic reported “as Democrats are trying to avoid giving Maine’s pro-lifers ample lead time to organize another massive demonstration.”