Biden’s job approval ratings drop to all-time low

By Dave Andrusko

It’d be difficult to imagine a bleaker response to a poll than offered by Politico and the Washington Post which grudgingly conceded pro-abortion President Joe Biden’s most recent job approval numbers were “brutal,” to quote George Stephanopoulos.

Politico’s Kelly Garrity’s lead paragraph was typical:

President Joe Biden’s approval sank to a new low, an ABC News/Washington Post poll found, two weeks after the president announced his reelection campaign.

Here’s the opening from the Washington Post:

As he begins his campaign for reelection, President Biden faces substantial and multiple challenges, according to a Washington Post-ABC News survey. His overall approval ratings have slipped to a new low, more Americans than not doubt his mental acuity, and his support against leading Republican challengers is far shakier than at this point four years ago.

Another Washington Post story notes “More than 6 in 10 Americans say President Biden does not have the mental sharpness or physical health to serve effectively as president, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll — a finding that underscores some of the stark challenges he is confronting at the outset of his campaign for reelection.” hammered the President unmercifully

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Joe Biden, he goes careening off a cliff. That’s the story of the latest poll by ABC News and The Washington Post, which is just an absolute horror show for the president.

The Washington Post’s Dan BalzScott Clement, and Emily Guskin went on to write

Biden’s overall job approval rating stands at 36 percent, down from 42 percent in February and about the same as the previous low of 37 percent in a Post-ABC poll conducted in early 2022. His disapproval stands at 56 percent, including 47 percent who disapprove “strongly.”

It gets worse!

Biden’s approval rating is underwater among a slew of groups that supported him by wide margins in 2020. He stands at 26 percent approval among Americans under age 30, 42 percent among non-White adults, 41 percent among urban residents and 46 percent of those with no religious affiliation. Among independents who voted for Biden in 2020, 57 percent approve while 30 percent disapprove. Among independents who voted for Trump, 96 percent disapprove.

Biden’s overall approval ratings, however, are only part of a broader and largely negative assessment of him as a candidate for reelection.

More specifically, Brady Knox of the Washington Examiner wrote

“Black Americans aren’t the only formerly solid demographic slipping away from Democrats; Biden’s support is even lower among Hispanics. Just 40% of Hispanics approve of Biden, and 43% say they would probably or definitely support Trump in a rematch, or lean towards him. The number is 11 points above the 32% of the Hispanic vote Trump received in 2020.

Finally (although we could go on and on] National Review’s Jim Geraghty enumerated the President’s weaknesses and concludes

Those numbers are brutal. The survey found 58 percent of Democratic-leaning adults said they preferred the party nominate someone other than Biden, and also found, “among independents who voted for Biden in 2020, 57 percent approve while 30 percent disapprove.”

Even more frightening for the White House: “In the poll, by 54 percent to 36 percent, Americans say Trump did a better job handling the economy when he was president than Biden has done during his presidency so far.”

These are not cherry-picked sentences and paragraphs. They are representative of major outlets which—with the exception of Redstate—are all pro-Democrat.