MSNBC Calls Abortion Restrictions A ‘War On’ and A ‘Death Sentence For’ Women

By Mark Finkelstein

Heartless. Clueless. Immune to irony. Take your pick. They all apply to the way that MSNBC, in the person of Katie Phang on her Saturday morning show, framed the issue of laws and court rulings limiting abortion.

In one segment, focused on court rulings related to abortion pills, Phang described restrictions on abortion as a “war on women.”

Later, teasing a subsequent segment on a new law in Florida limiting abortion, Phang approvingly quoted a woman who said “being pregnant in Florida is like a death sentence.”

By Phang’s logic, if abortion restrictions are a “war on women,” then abortion itself is a “war on unborn children”—with a 100% fatality rate.

If being pregnant in Florida is exaggerated as “like a death sentence” for pregnant women, then having an abortion anywhere is an absolute “death sentence” for the unborn child.

Pro-abortion extremists like Phang choose to ignore, or remain steadfastly oblivious, to the reality that every abortion ends a human life. In their minds, no consideration whatsoever should be given to the life of the unborn child. The decision is entirely up to the woman, up to [and for some, even beyond] the moment of birth.

Note: Phang held a segment with two women who described having endured serious pregnancy complications. They said that the healthcare workers they dealt with refused them care out of fear of running afoul of laws restricting abortion. The new Florida law makes a number of exceptionsincluding those for cases in which the mother’s life is endangered.

But the pro-abortion lobby will always highlight the most extreme, heart-wrenching cases. What about the overwhelming majority of abortions that are performed as a matter of preference–not medical emergency?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.