Dutch Expand Euthanasia to Children Ages One to Twelve

By Wesley J. Smith

Because of course they do. Once euthanasia is accepted by a society, it is a one-way street, continually expanding the killable castes.

The Dutch already allowed euthanasia for ages twelve and up. Now, it is down to age one. From the NTD News story:

The Netherlands has said it will broaden its euthanasia regulations to allow doctors the ability to end the lives of terminally ill children between one and 12 years old.

The rule change involves the government adjusting an existing protocol, and does not require parliamentary approval. The decision comes after years of requests from some Dutch doctors to lower the age limit of 12 for euthanasia, as well as debate within the cabinet.

According to the Dutch government, “The end of life for this [age] group is the only reasonable alternative to the child’s unbearable and hopeless suffering.”

That’s always the excuse. But Dutch MDs kill babies born with terminal or seriously disabling conditions already under the Groningen Protocol. Given that Dutch doctors euthanize many people — including elderly couples, young women with anorexia, the disabled, and people with mental illnesses — the notion that euthanasia will be “strictly” limited to children close to death whose suffering cannot otherwise be ameliorated is bitterly laughable on its face.

Editor’s note. Wesley’s great columns appear on National Review Online and are reposted with permission.