West Virginia Senate overwhelmingly approves Women’s Right to Know Act

By West Virginians for Life

By an overwhelming 31-2 vote, the West Virginia Senate on Wednesday voted to advance the Women’s Right to Know Act (SB 552). If passed, it will reinstate laws that provide informed consent to women who abort because of one of three exceptions: medical necessity, sexual assault, or because of life of mother.

The Women’s Right to Know Act is one of the two priority pieces of legislation on the West Virginians for Life legislative agenda for 2023. The second bill, the Support for Mothers and Babies Act (HB 2002), will provide one million dollars to be divided among Pregnancy Resource Centers across West Virginia.

The Women’s Right to Know Act (SB 552) will reinstate laws that were repealed when the Unborn Child Protection Act was passed last fall. It will provide women who are seeking abortions 

  • with information concerning the physical and emotional consequences of abortion and of carrying a baby to term;
  • the ability to see their baby’s ultrasound, if they request it;
  • with scientifically accurate information on fetal development;
  • with information about abortion pill reversal in the case of a chemical abortion;
  • with educational materials at the time that she is informed that her unborn baby has been diagnosed with a disability; and
  • with information about organizations who will support her in planning for her child with a disability.

“Despite the circumstances of conception, women in West Virginia deserve to be provided with factual fetal development information, directed toward help organizations, and to be informed about all their options when it comes to herself and the child growing in her womb,” said West Virginians for Life Legislative Director Sadie Keaton. “This law will protect women from facing future regret because they were unaware of their options.”

Now that the Women’s Right to Know Act (SB 552), has been passed out of the Senate, we look to the House of Delegates for advancement of this legislation. 

“The pro-life movement has always served women by providing them with care, resources, knowledge, and support,” said West Virginians for Life President Wanda Franz. “We are very thankful for the senators who worked hard to keep their pro-life promise by reinstating the Women’s Right to Know Act.”