Virginia General Assembly Update

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

The General Assembly will reconvene for “Veto Day” on April 12th.  On this day the legislators will debate the actions of the Governor on bills that were passed during the session.

The major issue of concerned to pro-lifers is the unfinished budget.

Governor Youngkin sent a proposal to the General Assembly  to amend Virginia law regarding use of taxpayer funding of abortions under the state Medicaid programs so as to conform with federal law under the Hyde Amendment. The federal law only allows funding of abortions for the life of the mother or rape and incest situations. Currently Virginia also allows funding of abortions if the unborn child may have a serious disability. 

The House accepted the Governor’s budget amendment, but the Senate rejected it. So, they will be debating that issue along with others during Veto Day deliberations.

Please send your comments to your Delegate and Senator today. Click here to use the link on the VSHL Action page.