Tennessee Legislative Update: HB883 Approved with Pro-Life Amendment

The House Health Committee heard HB883 on March 15th. As amended, HB883 is an entirely new bill, which clarifies but does not weaken Tennessee’s pro-life law. It explicitly clarifies that treatments of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage are in no way considered criminal abortions under the Human Life Protection Act, and it would change the affirmative defense to an exception for those times when the mother’s life is in danger. These changes will not broaden the scope of Tennessee law or allow for more abortions in our state.

Tennessee Right to Life supports HB883 with Amendment #5705. We are grateful that this language has been adopted by the House sponsor and will be the amendment that now makes the bill on both HB883 and HB778. If you missed the statement sent yesterday, please click here.

HB883 is scheduled to be heard on the full House Floor on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 5:00 pm CST. Please click on the link below and ask your Representative to support HB883 as amended with no additional changes.

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