Nevada Right to Life Action Alert on bill SJR7

Democrats are planning to change the Nevada Constitution to create a fundamental right to “reproductive freedom.” We need your help immediately. The public will only get one opportunity to speak on this horrible bill, SJR7 – this Thursday at 4pm.

As written, SJR7 will protect abortion for any reason or no reason for all nine months of pregnancy. (Section 1 & 2) While appearing to provide protection for an unborn baby after “fetal viability,” that viability is determined by the abortionist and the criteria for having an abortion are so broad that there is no situation in which an abortion could be denied throughout pregnancy. (Section 2) Adults aiding minor girls getting a secret abortion are protected by this amendment.(section 5)

Please call and email the following Democrats and tell them to start working for all Nevadans, not just abortionists.

James Ohrenschall (775) 684-6503 —
Nicole Cannizzaro (775) 684-1475 —
Skip Daly (775) 684-1433 —
Reuben D’Silva (775) 684-8583 —
Cecelia Gonzalez (775) 684-8595 —
Michelle Gorelow (775) 684-8573 —
Brittney Miller (775) 684-8833 —
CH Miller (775) 684-8587 —
Daniele Monroe-Moreno (775) 684-8509 —

SJR7 is the first step in the process to amend the Nevada Constitution. The resolution must pass two subsequent legislative sessions to qualify. A governor cannot veto. Once that is done, the measure is voted on during the next regular general election ballot. Upon getting 50% plus 1, the Nevada Constitution will be amended to create a fundamental right to reproductive freedom. There will only be one chance for public comment on this bill – Thursday, March 23 at 4pm.

Please look for further updates throughout today, tomorrow, and Thursday. If you can arrange to be in Carson City on Thursday, please do! The unborn, women, and our state need your action now.