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Help EPC Prevent Assisted Suicide by Telehealth

We have encouraging news to share regarding Assisted Suicide and Tele”death”. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has proposed a new rule for prescribing drugs via telehealth. The rule states that when a person has not seen a medical practitioner and requires a Schedule II medication or narcotic, that the prescription cannot be prescribed via telehealth. The patient would be required to see the medical practitioner in person before receiving the prescription.

The assisted suicide lobby wants to provide lethal assisted suicide drugs to people via telehealth and then ship those drugs to the person via courier. A person would then be approved for death by lethal drugs without ever being examined by the medical practitioner and receive the lethal drugs by courier.

Your Voice Matters! Tell the EPA you SUPPORT the New Rule

To prevent assisted suicide by telehealth, please submit a brief comment supporting the Drug Enforcement Administrations (DEA) proposed rule change.

Electronic comments must be submitted, and written comments must be postmarked, on or before March 31, 2023.


SB845/HB933 Assisted Suicide Status Update

Last Monday was “Crossover Day” in the Maryland General Assembly, which is the last day for bills to be passed from one chamber to the other without going through the Rules committee.

The bills remain in their original committees awaiting votes in the Senate Judicial Proceedings and the House HGO and Judiciary committees. Please continue to voice your opposition through the TAKE ACTION tab below.

HB705/SB798 Abortion Amendment Status Update

As previously shared, both chambers have passed their own Abortion Amendment bill and both bills crossed over before the deadline.

The Senate Finance Committee issued a favorable report on the House Bill yesterday. The Senate will next vote on the second reader on the Senate Floor. The next floor session for the Senate is scheduled for 8:00 PM this Monday, March 27.

The House Health and Government Operations Committee will have a sponsor-only hearing on the Senate Bill next Tuesday, March 28. We expect they will issue a favorable report and then send the bill for the second reader on the House Floor.

It may be that the House and Senate coordinate to pass their third readers on the same date so that both bill sponsors will share credit. However, it is not necessary that both bills be enacted. Either the House or the Senate Bill can be enacted.

If passed by 3/5 of the members of each chamber, the bill will become a ballot question in the November 2024 general election. An amendment to the Maryland Constitution would be adopted by a simple majority of voters.

Please continue to voice your opposition through the TAKE ACTION tab below.

Following multiple scheduling delays, Maryland Right to Life and pro-life allies provided powerful expert legal, medical and anecdotal witness testimony in support of pro-life bills. Year over year, pro-life bills are denied a vote out of committee. We are proactively seeking solutions including possible litigation. Please continue to voice your support of pro-life legislation through the TAKE ACTION tab below.

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