Abortionist wants colleague to sleep with health official to get favoritism

By Sarah Terzo

Norma Goldberger was setting up an abortion clinic and hired an abortionist who she identifies as Dr. Parker. She went to a meeting about the new abortion clinic with a public health official, and the abortionist wanted her to sleep with him to curry favor for their clinic. She says:

“Dr. Peters agreed to be our medical director for an extra fee. He requested that I drive up to Akron to meet with a representative of the Medical Board of Akron. We met for cocktails and the representative seemed to take a personal interest in me. I announced I had to return that night to my husband.

Dr. Peters asked me what I thought about the meeting and when I told him I was offended at the flirtation, he told me I should’ve stayed the night with the Board’s representative to cement “good relations” between him and the clinic. He did not appear to be joking. I was annoyed.”

Norma Goldberger. Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (November 23, 2014) Kindle Edition.

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