Rep. Chris Smith condemns the recent attacks on pro-life organizations and churches

WASHINGTON—The following are excerpts of remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Co-Chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, during today’s debate on the House Floor on H.Con.Res. 3—legislation condemning the recent attacks on pro-life organizations and churches:

“Two women spoke at a pregnancy care center dinner I attended in New Jersey.

Both women were effusive in their thanks that the director had approached them in absolute kindness and empathy as they were literally walking from the parking lot to an abortion clinic.

They changed their minds and were helped through their pregnancy and after the birth of their children.

Later in the program, two young teenaged girls spoke of the sanctity of life and the good work of the pregnancy center.

From the podium, they turned to the director and thanked her and said had she not reached out to their moms that day and followed up with such love and compassion, both of them said they would have been killed.

Pregnancy care centers across the country have suffered a surge of violent attacks, firebombing and vandalism by pro-abortion activists in a coordinated effort to intimidate front-line volunteers and licensed medical professionals providing critical support to mothers in need and their unborn baby boys and girls.

Now more than ever, we—and that includes the Biden Administration—need to ensure the safety and security of the estimated 3,000 pregnancy care centers that provide life-affirming alternatives to abortion—offering critical, quality care for pregnant women facing challenging circumstances and helping to save so many unborn, innocent lives.

The lives of more than 828,130 unborn babies have been saved in five years alone (2016-2020) through the work of pregnancy care centers.”