Please attend Iowa Prayer Rally for Life on February 6th

By Kristi Judkins, Executive Director

Please join Iowa Right to Life at the State Capitol on Monday, February 6th, for the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life. Learn to lobby your legislators, access pro-life resources, and join together in unified prayer, all for the sake of innocent babies!

Join the Movement | 11AM – 2PM | Rotunda

Stop by the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders tables to find out how you can join the effort to save both babies and mothers in Iowa!

Learn to Lobby | 11AM – 12PM | Room 305

To lobby is to seek to influence a politician or public official on an issue. And your voice matters! Work with veteran lobbyists on how to effectively lobby at the State Capitol.

Prayer Rally for Life | 12PM – 1PM | Rotunda

Hear from Iowa’s pro-life leaders on the latest efforts to save babies’ lives, hear from and encourage legislators who are standing up to defend life, and join local clergy in powerful prayer.

Invited Prayer Rally for Life Speakers: Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Kevin Alons, Senator Mark Costello, Representative Luana Stoltenberg, and Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb – Lutheran Family Service Life Advocate.

Lobby Your Legislators | 1PM – 2PM

Encourage, pray for and work to influence your legislators to support pro-life legislation!

Thank you for your pro-life passion!

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