New Faces on Capitol Hill: A Spotlight on New Members Challenging Stereotypes and Standing for Life

By Karen Cross, Political Director

Editor’s note. This appears in the January edition of National Right to Life News. Please share with your pro-life family and friends.

With the 118th Congress now officially underway, there is a new pro-life majority in the House as well as several new pro-life senators. This new crop of leaders is bringing fresh energy to Capitol Hill for the battles ahead and challenging many preconceived notions about pro-life members of Congress. They bring with them compelling personal stories and experiences and unique backgrounds. Here is a snapshot of just several of the remarkable new members who are already making history and having an impact in Washington:

Katie Britt- Alabama

In November, Katie Britt made history as the first woman in Alabama history to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Prior to her glass ceiling-shattering election, Senator Britt served as the chief of staff to former Senator Richard Shelby, another pro-life champion. She is also a wife and a mother of two. Throughout her campaign, Britt emphasized her commitment to protecting life. “I am honored to have National Right to Life’s endorsement. Being a voice for the voiceless and defending those who cannot defend themselves is something in which I take great pride. I will always fight to protect the God-given, sacred right to life as Alabama’s next U.S. Senator,” she stated.

JD Vance- Ohio

Known nationally for his award-winning memoir Hillbilly Elegy, which was also adapted into a movie for Netflix, JD Vance has sought to shine a light on the real-life struggles and challenges of working-class people in his home state of Ohio. Now, he will have a chance to represent Ohioans in the Senate. Senator Vance has also not shied away from raising awareness about the tragedy of abortion. Throughout the 2022 campaign, Vance took his pro-abortion opponent Tim Ryan (D) to task for supporting a policy of unlimited abortion and voting to use taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

Lori Chavez-DeRemer- Oregon’s 5th Congressional District

With her victory in November, Lori Chavez-DeRemer became the first Latina Republican elected to Congress from the state of Oregon. She flipped the state’s competitive 5th Congressional District from pro-abortion to pro-life and defeated a radical pro-abortion Democrat. Prior to Congress, she served as the mayor of Happy Valley, Oregon. Chavez-DeRemer also brings to Washington years of business experience and lessons learned as a wife and mother of twin daughters.  

John James- Michigan’s 10th Congressional District

After defeating a pro-abortion Democrat in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District, John James, a businessman and veteran, now bears the distinction of being the first Black Republican elected to Congress in the state’s history. Congressman James served eight years in the United States Army, participating in multiple tours of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an AH-64 Apache pilot.

Monica De La Cruz- Texas’s 15th Congressional District

The victory of Monica De La Cruz in Texas’s 15th Congressional District underscores the broader, ongoing work of the Republican Party to make inroads with Hispanic Americans, particularly in areas like South Texas. Throughout her campaign, De La Cruz drew a sharp contrast between her pro-life position and the pro-abortion position of her Democrat opponent. She emphasized to fellow Hispanic voters in particular that the modern Democrat Party, whose platform endorses unlimited abortion essentially until birth, is out of touch with their values and therefore does not deserve their votes.   

Dr. Rich McCormick- Georgia’s 6th Congressional District

The doctor is in! After narrowly losing a bid for Congress in 2020, Dr. Rich McCormick was victorious in 2022, flipping the seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District from pro-abortion to pro-life. Congressman McCormick brings with him years of experience as an ER doctor and a Marine pilot who led teams in Afghanistan. At a time when some members of Congress deny the humanity of babies in the womb – even denying that the unborn have heartbeats or the capacity to feel pain – it is important to have voices from the medical profession like McCormick speaking up for life.

Jen Kiggans- Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District

In Virginia’s competitive 2nd Congressional District, Jen Kiggans scored a key pro-life victory by defeating pro-abortion incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria. Prior to coming to Washington, Congresswoman Kiggans served as a Virginia state senator representing a district in the Virginia Beach area. Kiggans is also a nurse practitioner and former Navy pilot.  

Wesley Hunt- Texas’s 38th Congressional District

Born and raised in Houston, Congressman Wesley Hunt represents the newly created 38th Congressional District in Texas. He is one of four African Americans and one of several dozen veterans in the Republican Conference. Hunt’s military service included one combat deployment to Iraq, and two deployments to Saudi Arabia where he served as a Diplomatic Liaison Officer. He is also a husband and father of two daughters.

Harriet Hageman- Wyoming’s At-Large District

Replacing Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s single Congressional district, Congresswoman Harriet Hageman becomes the fourth consecutive pro-life woman elected to the seat. Hageman, a graduate of the University of Wyoming, is a trial lawyer and served as a member of the Republican National Committee.  

Laurel Lee- Florida’s 15th Congressional District

Congresswoman Laurel Lee joins the House with a notable legal career on her resume as an attorney and a judge. She was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2019 to be Florida Secretary of State. Along with fellow Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna in the 13th Congressional District, Lee’s 2022 election builds upon the electoral success of pro-life women begun in 2020, the cycle deemed by some as “the Year of the Pro-Life Woman.”